What we're about

O-Zone is a social group for people who, as a personal choice, or due to other reasons, have chosen an alcohol, drug and tobacco-free lifestyle.

It is a place where like-minded people can meet, mingle, and have fun in an environment that they know will be supportive of the choices they've made, free of the usual social pressures.

O-Zone is not a support or activist group. While its Members may have strong beliefs about their lifestyles, O-Zone exists solely as a comfortable bubble for people to gather in.

Our activities are organized by various volunteer Hosts and range wildly in scope. The connecting thread is that there is zero tolerance for alcohol, drug and tobacco consumption at our events.

For more information, please read our FAQs, located in the "Discussion" section. We look forward to seeing you at O-Zone!

Past events (12)

2014 Oscar Nominated Shorts - Animation

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2014 Oscar Nominated Shorts - Live Action

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Tokyo fiancée

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Elephant Song

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