O365 Seattle January 2020 Meetup – Compliance and Project Cortex


**** Simplify Your Compliance Journey by Owen Allen.
Compliance isn’t just for the attorneys any more. Office 365 is making it easy to apply labels to everything and everyone. Remember when you were taught that labeling things was bad? Microsoft 365 makes it easy to call things by a set of names. Compliance will now bring benefits to team managers and business groups, making it easy to assign retention periods so you can ensure that critical business content is protected. It’s not only about documents and emails. Microsoft is talking about even making communications compliant.what does that mean in your tenant? Join us on Thursday to find out more!

Owen Allen is a Security and Compliance Architect for Blueprint Technologies and works closely with Microsoft teams to help customers understand how to be more secure and compliant. Owen was the co-founder of the Puget Sound SharePoint Users Group and has been involved with the SharePoint and Office 365 community in Seattle since 2006.

**** The 4-1-1 on Project Cortex by Sean Squires.
Yes, it's true! The folks in Redmond have been working on a new set of intelligent content services in Microsoft 365 to let you connect and manage all your organization’s content – powering discovery, business process automation, and governance. Join us as Sean, Eric, and Nkem from the Project Cortex team share details and demos about this new product offering coming to market in 2020 (and for the taxonomy geeks, they'll even have news on updates to the managed metadata service!).

Sean is a product manager for SharePoint at Microsoft – currently working on next generation content services capabilities in Office 365. He has extensive product development experience having worked in the industry for twenty years – and on SharePoint specifically since the 2007 release. During his time in the product group he has worked on various features – back-end service management; site provisioning & Site Designs; modern list/library views, site branding, and managed metadata services. He also worked for several years in MSIT on the engineering team responsible for hosting/managing one of the largest SharePoint instances. He is a regular speaker at conferences and loves the opportunity to talk directly customers and the passionate community. When he’s not playing SharePoint mechanic, he’s hanging out with his amazing wife and daughter, cheering on the local soccer team and exploring sunny parts of the world.


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Meetup Agenda:

6:00 PM - Doors open and pizza arrives

6:10 - 6:15 PM - Welcome

6:15 - 7:10 PM - Presentation

7:10 - 7:15 PM - Break

7:15 - 8:10 PM - Presentation

8:30 PM - O365OverDrive & SharePint at Microsoft Commons Boardwalk (http://dining.azurewebsites.net/boardwalk/)