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Broadcasters of all kinds have made it a de facto policy to never publicize any sensible piece of information regarding the 9/11 events. Particularly troubling has been the apparent complicity in the 9/11 censorship on the part of technical, Muslim, anti-war organizations, or more generally all organizations and scholars opposed to the tsunami of neoconservative policies 9/11 triggered. Orange County is no exception. Very few public events tolerate 9/11 Truth and even fewer invite it. Behold one exception that confirms the rule: Now You See TV ( has invited OC 9/11 Truth organizer Dan Noël to introduce its audience to Building 7. Dan intends to show the audience how Building 7 lends itself to a straightforward, impactful and funny outreach, and how straightforwardly it will solve just about any other conspiracy of massive obfuscation against humanity. Within the context of other Now You See TV shows, he will observe how Building 7 exposes the scientific and technical community’s brazen mendacity and undermines the argument of scientific authority in other controversies. This show will incidentally promote the upcoming Yorba Linda Question Everything conference (, where Dan is scheduled to speak.

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