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Yorba Linda Community Center

4501 Casa Loma Ave · Yorba Linda, CA

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One major component of the 9/11 false flag’s success has been the persisting “in your eyes” censorship by the scientific and technical community of the triple WTC controlled demolition, despite innumerable wakeup calls by 9/11 activists and the outreach of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( Therefore, one major teaching of 9/11 is that the scientific and technical community may be inclined to promoting other lies, even more so if they are tougher to unmask or carry less serious sociological consequences.

In this spirit, our own Joe Garcia is setting up the “Question Everything” conference (, right here in Orange County. It will include an introduction to organized scientific mendacity, by OC 9/11 Truth organizer Dan Noël, explaining his unique elementary 9/11 class that frightens people who know nothing about 9/11 and amuses those who understand 9/11’s essence as an amateurishly covered false flag. Kindly find a preview at his recent video appearance with Joe:

“Question Everything” will explore various topics where independent analysts claim to have found disturbing evidence that theoretical and applied science have been used to propagate false beliefs that undermine the common good, from vaccines all the way to the Round Earth.

You're most welcome to attend the conference. Kindly register on its web site:

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2) Tickets are going fast for the VIP speakers' lunch hosted by Nathan Thompson with all the conference speakers, including OC 9/11 Truth organizer Dan Noel.