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I know it's on the title but just want to make sure nobody misses it! Most people are scared of it so If you're still here and didn't start running in the opposite direction at this point, then you might be a good fit to keep reading the rest of the group description... lol

Alright, bad jokes aside, the primary goal of this group is to bring people together that are committed to their own personal goals. Along with that, my hope is that this becomes a community of people we can all rely on for support, feedback, brainstorming, keeping each other on track!


Kinda hard to have an "Accountability" group without core members that show up consistently. How are we supposed to follow up on things? haha

But of course, come check us out a few times before so you can up your own mind. The theme is quality over quantity here, so it's definitely not for everyone.

My name is Isaac and I'm not a 'performance coach', 'life coach' or anything along those lines.

By most accounts, I'm just a regular dude trying to figure life out like everyone else.

However what I do have in a deep interest in trying to understand the things that keep us from achieving the important goals we set out to do in life.

From losing weight to starting/finishing a new project, most of us struggle to get these things done!

I've experienced this myself as I've attempted to change one thing or another in my own life over the last few years. From trying to start a side business to trying to fix my eating/drinking habits... yap, I've wrestled with it all.

Looking back at my life I realized that the times when I've achieved the most and when I've seen others perform at their highest level, it has always been within the context of a group of people striving towards a common objective.

I've never seen or read of anyone that has achieved anything meaningful without a group of people, mentors, or some type of support system along the way.

I looked around, didn't find exactly what I was looking for, so that's why I'm creating this group now.

In this group we'll share our goals, creating a game plan, and providing accountability; but a key difference setting this group apart is the focus it will have on practicality and in trying to understand the underlying forces that steer our behavior one way or another - helping us achieve, or being the invisible wall we keep bumping into on our path towards our goals.

Talking about strategies will also be part of the conversation, but tactics and tricks we can all find online everywhere nowadays; just google it and you'll find endless articles on the "Top 10 ways to... (fill in the black)"

If more how-to lists and information is all we needed, I wouldn't be creating this group right now!

The truth is that we as human are communal and social creatures and group dynamics is one of the most powerful forces that influence our behavior -- and that force is precisely what this group will be tapping into!

This group WILL NOT focus on simply providing motivation.

I've seen and experienced the 'high' that motivation gives people far too often. It's temporary and fleeting.

Only when it's combined with the correct understanding of ourselves, a good strategy, and the right group dynamics can motivation provide any real benefit long-term.

A good system for follow through, consistency, and good support system will beat motivation any day!

Like stated earlier I'm not an expert by any means, so this group is meant to be a "think tank", where everyone shares ideas and experiences. This way we're all learning from each other.

As we progress, we'll develop the necessary structures to make this an effective experience for everyone...

But the mindset is that; no single one of us has all the answer, so the collective wisdom of sharing our unique experiences; struggles and successes will help us all understand ourselves and each other better.

Lastly, I really want this group to be a safe space for everyone to share their truth... like really THE truth. We're all so used to saying what we think others want to hear, or what we think will make us look good... it's exhausting really.

This tendency is actually part of the problem. By trying to lie to others or providing partial truths so we can try to manipulate other's perception of us, we end up deluding ourselves... to the point that it distorts our understanding of what is true.

So my intention is for this group to champion radical truth and radical transparency. There are enough people posturing out there in the media pretending like they have life all figured out.

While it's an easy bait that attracts people to want to be like them, again, the cost is that it creates a distorted sense of how succeeding and life really look like.

This distortion then subconsciously makes people fall into the trap of measuring themselves to fictitious standards, which leads to discouragement, and eventually stop trying altogether.

This by the way, is one of the most common 'hidden forces' keeping people stuck.

Feeling like a failure or any other version of that. It's all subconscious, which is what makes it so difficult to fix as an individual... since we tend to get lost in our own thoughts when left alone.

But by having a group where we openly expose these things we'll be able to continuously clear ourselves from these trappings and regain our ability to adjust our sense of reality and what is true.

We'll definitely be talking about behavioral psychology, human nature, habit formation, heuristics, decision-making, and a bunch of other interesting topics that provide insight into understanding ourselves better too!

Alright, this description is getting a little long, but hopefully you get the idea by now.

Let me wrap this up

If you're still not sure if this might be a group for you, here's a quick list you can use to help you decide:

- If there's any goal you've set for yourself but feel stuck or haven't made the progress you want.
- If you're about to start a new business, diet, work project, writing a book, or anything that's otherwise a difficult or long venture/project, and would like a group where you can share your goals, where the group can provide accountability on what you committed to doing.

These are the fundamental purpose of this group

Who should NOT join:

- Anyone that thinks that just joining this group will solve their challenges, without commenting to doing the work.
- Any TOXIC or NEGATIVE people. Please not here.
- Anyone that doesn't like to have deep conversations.
- Anyone that has life all perfectly figured out!

This group is brand spanking new! So we might only have a few members as you read this!

The great news however, is that we don't need a lot of people to make this work. Having too many will actually complicate things.

So right now I'm looking for just a few commited and consistent people that searching for a local group like this and that are eager and excited about embarking on this collective journey of self-discovery as we help one another succeed in our unique areas of life.

I'm still working on other group specifics, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Would love to connect with you.

All the best,

- Isaac

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