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We are a ministry of Orange County Singles for Christ Church.

O.C. Singles for Christ is a Christian Church designed to meet the needs of Single Adults and Couples. We are a Church that welcomes Single Adults and Couples of any age, whether they are Christians or not. With somewhere around 1.5M Single Adults in Orange County, there are very few churches that have an active outreach into this community. There are singles groups that meet, but none have as their stated goal, to evangelize and reach Single Adults of any age or Spiritual Background.

Our vision is:

• To proclaim God’s grace to man and bring glory to God by helping people know the truth as presented in the Bible, to grow in community as Single Adults and Couples, and as a result of the transformational power of the Word of God, to then go and serve our fellow man and in our respective churches.

• We are an evangelical, non-denominational, Christ-centered Church, located in Orange County, California.

• Our commitment is to reach out and minister to the Single Adults that live in Orange County and beyond! With virtually no outreach to Single Adults in Orange County, our desire is to spread the message of God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ for the glory of God, to this community. We believe that message changes lives.

• We desire to accomplish this mission in a twofold process. First, we aim to offer a terrific Contemporary Worship experience and relevant expository biblical preaching at our services. This teaching would be conveyed by various classes to teach, inform, and change lives in either a Life Stage setting, or by topics relevant to Single Adults and Couples. Our commitment is to help people know the truth of God’s word, and as a result, experience a changed life.

• Furthermore, we also seek to offer a more concentrated time in God’s Word, through the vehicle of Small Groups. These groups would meet on other nights of the week than our regular services. Our commitment in this setting is to help people grow in community with other Single Adults and Couples, and to build significant friendships centered around the study of God’s Word.

• Our goal is to see the Single Adults and Couples transformed from selfishness to servanthood. We want people to discover true joy by helping them “Go to Serve,” in the area of their giftedness.

• Our commitment is to build people up in the faith, hope, and love that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Thomas Rose is the founder of this Church. He has over 30 years of experience in ministering to this segment of the Christian Church. Pastor Thomas has gathered around him a network of single adults to serve on every area of this new endeavor.

This Church looks to provide a 3 part segment every Friday night. As to Friday nights content, there will always be these 3 components; A) Worship by Fantastic Contemporary Christian Bands, B) A teaching element that offers 3 to 4 break out classes designed to meet the needs of Single Adults and Couples, and C) Quality fellowship time for Single Adults and Couples to intermingle and get to know one another and develop godly relationships.

O.C. Singles for Christ is a non denominational Christian Church. This Church is solely supported by those that attend and others that believe in this endeavor and desire to support it.

For more information contact Thomas @ trose@ocsfc1.org or see website at Orange County Singles for Christ (http://www.ocsfc1.org)

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Great Worship, Great Fellowship, Great Fun and More! 01/28/2022

Orange County Singles for Christ

“Wonderful” defined: inspiring delight, pleasure, or admiration; extremely good; marvelous. Strangely enough, that is exactly what we are doing on Friday Nights at O.C. Singles and Couples for Christ!

You're welcome to join us this coming Friday Night January 28th at O.C. Singles and Couples for Christ, for another Wonderful Evening of interaction with 175 other Single Adults and Couples (OF ALL AGES)! In addition, feel welcomed to bring an associate or coworker with you, they will have an enjoyable experience, too!

Below is a description of what is happening this coming Friday Night!

Come early and enjoy some Great Food and Fellowship with an enticing freshly made meal to start the evening! This meal is offered to you starting at 6:00pm until 7:15 pm. Our menu for this Friday Night is: Delicious Chic-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich, Bag a Chips, Potato Salad, and your choice of beverage! The cost is a crazy low $7.00.

Our formal part of the evening starts promptly at 7:27pm sharp. If you can't be there in person, you can watch the program via ONLINE LIVE-STREAMING: Use this link:

At 7:30pm Jesica Specht (pictured above) and her really cool Contemporary Worship Band will lead our worship segment of the evening.

After our Worship Experience, Pastor Thomas Rose is beginning a new series in the New Testament Book of Ephesians. The overall title to this series is "From Infinity and Beyond". Join us this Friday Night as we look at this amazing letter that the Apostle Paul wrote 2000 years ago, and how relevant it for us today!

New Breakout-Class. Pastor Mark Presley is starting a new series on the New Testament Book of Mark. The overall title to this series is from Mark 10:45 "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to SERVE, and to GIVE His life a ransom for many.” Jesus who "is the same yesterday, today & forever" still models for us how to LIVE LIFE. Please read ahead Mark Chapter 1

New Breakout-Class. Dr. David Lehman is beginning a 6-week series 1n Christian Apologetics. Week one of this series is entitled "The Power of Prayer". A look at prayer from the sculptures and various people of God, who were might in prayer and saw results of their labor.

After our Service, (9:00pm-11:45pm) you are encouraged to stay for as long as you desire and enjoy the various activities that are available to you in our auditorium. Also, in the Grand Foyer area, you can enjoy Fellowship, Free Delicious Assorted Cookies, Coffee, Tea and more will be served. Also, for $1.00, soft drinks, bottled water and ice cream bars are available!

See YA Friday Night! Thomas

2022 Annual Valentine's Dinner Dance

Orange County Singles for Christ

2022 Annual Valentine's Day Dinner Dance
Friday, February 11th, 2022; 6:00pm start time
3186 Pullman Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Come join some[masked] Single Adults for a Killer Fun Time on this Friday Evening as we enjoy our Annual Valentine's Day Dinner Dance!

On this Friday night starting at 6:00pm, we will have a scrumptious dinner provided by our caterer! Our Menu is: Chicken Dinner, with Salad, Rice, Tortillas, a drink of your choice, and a Delicious Valentine's Cookies and Cake for Dessert!

At 7:30 pm; we will have some awesome worship by the Jesica Specht Contemporary Worship Band.

Then, we welcome to our stage Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy West as our Guest Speakers. Their message entitled "Love and Freedom", focuses on how the Love of God, Family and Country involves a cost that is worth the Freedom! Amy is an immigrant from Vietnam and knows very well the preciousness and pricelessness of Love and Freedom!

Following our Formal Programing, Enjoy a "Valentine's Dance" featuring Hollywood DJ "Baby Boc Choi", who will be playing all sorts of Top 40 dance music! We will also have a beautiful wood dance floor, for you to dance on!

Please stay as long as you'd like, we close around 12 midnight!

To Purchase Tickets to this Event:
A) Purchase tickets for $15.00 each, on Friday Nights at OC Singles for Christ, at the Information Table!
B) Purchase tickets for $16.00 each, VIA ONLINE on our website! Cut and Paste this link to your browser: https://ocsfc1org.infellowship.com/Forms/387342

Our Point of Contact is Thomas; [masked]

Super Bowl 56 - Annual NFL Super Bowl Party and Potluck

18222 Santa Joanana

Super Bowl 56 - Annual NFL Super Bowl Party and Potluck
Sunday, February 13th, 2022; 2:30pm until ???

Come join the fun as 150 Single Adults and Couples come together to enjoy the 56th Annual Super Bowl on 3 Multiple Big Screens!

We are meeting at a BIG CLUBHOUSE in Fountain Valley! We will enjoy a GREAT GAME between .... YET TO BE DETERMINED!!

And of course, there is the Amazing Super Bowl Halftime Show!! Featuring: Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar will headline. The NFL Halftime Show is the second most watched program in America!

If you don't like Football, we also have:
2 Ping Pong Tables
2 Air Hockey Tables
1 Billiards Table
1 Foosball
1 Shuffle Board Table

Where: 18222 Santa Joanana, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Our Doors open at 2:30pm, and the game starts at 3:25pm (Approximately)!

What to Bring: This is a potluck event, please bring the following enough for 8-10 people. Side Dishes, Main Dishes, Desserts/Snacks, Soft Drinks, Bottled Water! NO CHIPS!

HOW DO I SIGN UP?? Cost is only $10! We have room for 150 people, sign-ups for this event. You can....

A. Sign up at the Information Table on Friday Nights at O.C. Singles for Christ Church. 3186 Pullman Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626

B. Sing up online for $11.00; use this link: https://ocsfc1org.infellowship.com/Forms/466890

O.C. Singles for Christ Church will provide plates, napkins, eating utensils, ice, drinking cups!

Our Point of Contact for this event is Thomas at [masked]


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