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FREE class: Powerful Practices for More Fulfilling Relationships

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"Today was amy first time attending one of Kundan's classes on "Powerful Practices for More Fulfilling Relationships" and I must say, it really blew me away! After a very difficult couple of weeks, I was slightly reluctant to go, but something within me urged me to do so...and I am truly thankful that I did.

After returning from the class, I feel as though my body and spirit have been enveloped by a warm embrace from the universe, infusing my being with peace and love. I feel balanced, connected... within and without. My thoughts and perceptions of the world around me are clearer and more beautiful. I feel more to give, open to receive. Overall, it was truly an Amazing experience!

Thank you so much Kundan for facilitating this, and to the others who attended today as well... it was a pleasure meeting all of you!

Blessings"~ Chrystina Bello

"I felt so grounded and centered and yet at the same time so expansive and infinite! amazing class with so much great energy flowing loved it" - Emilio Chavez

This class was wonderful and exceeded my expectations. I felt very peaceful and grounded afterwards. Kundan has a very calm, positive energy that naturally radiates to those around him. I am grateful for this experience and look forward to taking more of Kundan's classes in the future. Thank you Kundan!" - Alice (, most recent testimonial from OC Good Life member Alice.

"I healed and found some peace from a wound I've carried for twenty years!!!! Ah!!!! Sweet peace!!!!! Can't wait for the next time Kundan!!!! Great Job!!!!" - Linda Neumann (

Those are some amazing testimonials, right?

Rather than tell you, I'd rather SHOW you what it is. So please watch the following videos ( and follow the instructions to get a taste of how powerful this class is:

Movement on Embodying Acceptance and Direction (

Movement on Embodying Abundance and Connection (

Movement on Embodying Power with Love and Wisdom (

Whatever you are feeling lacking, this class will help you feel.

If you are feeling lonely, you will feel loved.

If you are feeling poor, you will feel abundant.

If you feel that you need more energy, you will feel rejuvenated.

If you are feeling that you are being too masculine and you are attracting all the wrong guys, you learn a practice to feel more feminine and learn how to create and keep a strong relationship that has that attraction and that spark of passion.

If you are feeling distracted often, you will learn how to be more focused and get back on track.

If you often hear the feedback that you are too needy in your relationships, you will learn how to overcome that.

About the Facilitator Kundan Chhabra:

"Kundan Chhabra activates the Truth of who you are by removing your limiting beliefs and getting you to experience the empowering freedom and love that you really are, which heals you from past emotional trauma and helps you fulfill all your goals (notNLP/Hypnosis). He teaches mind-body movements that help you release your stuck patterns and gets you to embody abundance, appreciation, power, presence, direction, radiance, enjoyment, and more, which helps you make all your relationships richer and more fulfilling . He imparts Photoreading, the ability to read at 25,000 words a minute, saving you hours of your time. He helps you discover your heart virtue, the one quality of the Divine that is so meaningful to you that every time you experience it or express it, you are moved to tears and you feel goosebumps.

He is the author of "Experiencing Divinity, Sharing Awakening" and the co-author of the ground-breaking anthology "Love-Like God:Embracing Unconditional Love", co-written with thought-leaders and luminaries from around the world, such as Deva Premal (

Kundan recently facilitated his version of Uzazu ( at TEDxUCIrvine 2013, and also became officially initiated as a Divine Openings Giver ("

Venue: Unity of Tustin is a beautiful New Thought spiritual community, built like a college campus, with several different classroom buildings, a Koi Pond, a Rose Garden, a waterfall, a meditation labyrinth, and more. Please call me at this number:[masked] for the exact location inside the Unity of Tustin. We will be either on the main lawn or the waterfall in the back.

Directions to the venue: It is on Prospect Avenue, between Irvine Boulevard and Seventeenth Street. Please slow down your car and look carefully to make sure you don't miss it. If you are coming from First Street or Irvine Boulevard, it will be on your right. If you are coming from Seventeenth Street, it will be on your left.

Below is the location on the map:

And below is the campus map. As you can see, there is plenty of free parking.