Turn On Your Libido For Life & Maximize Your Profits

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Come join us for a bi- monthly virtual Zoom meeting of health professionals to network, share resources and learn how to succeed in growing your business, market your-self and have more time to live passionately!

Is rapid change taking you to the limits of your talent, knowledge, and energy?

Are you struggling to get everything done in business, sacrificing time to be with your family, feeling stressed and having no time to take care of your own well-being and spiritual nature?

Are you being called to be a new kind of Leader – unstoppable and yet, more human, more loving, more caring, more compassionate?

THE PROBLEM IS…”We were born to create and collaborate, resolve problems, love and play. That’s why social media has been so popular. We can’t help but be attracted to something that lets us be more human. It’s a deeply powerful force. On the other hand, we are struggling because we treat ourselves and our organizations like machines.”

Calling all Abundant Conscious Souls, & Passion & Purpose Driven La Femme Ceo's,


Are you sick of struggling to figure out how to live your ideal lifestyle & MONEY IN YOUR POCKET to live the life you desire & dream of!!!!

Have you been busy, hiding out, not fully stepping into your full potential and it's secretly killing you?

Are you beginning to wonder if having it all without falling apart or burning out is just a fantasy?

Do you know that you are meant for so much more - yet are held back by LACK OF:






Blocked by Fear of Failure

Blocked by Fear of Success


Simply lost as to what is your next step to success is?

A Thriving Leader is Striving to Create a greater impact and create more income!And -

What If I showed you the EXACT steps to unfold And Unleash This Super Power?


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Tania Dilmani (https://www.facebook.com/tjedian), a homeopath professional, who went from struggling to find consistent income to a 6 Figure business when she targeted her messaging to leading her soul audience with the right messaging and marketing.

Hope you can join us and meet your local like-minded health professionals!

How I became successful and unique in Homeopathy...

Your brilliance is Your Divinely called audience - Who you are meant to Serve?

Guest speaker Tania Jedian, CHom, CLC, is a thriving Leader in the area and Wellness and Wealth. Come hear how she went from striving to find clients and sell individual healing sessions to a six figure part-time business.

Tania is an award winning international best selling author, transformational speaker and the CEO of Living My Best Inc. She is the founder of Mommy Homeopathy Academy and is a celebrity in the world of conscious entrepreneurs, wellness professionals and Ceos. Empowering them to use intuitive and transformational techniques to align themselves for the ultimate success and life they are meant to have!