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Group Past Life Regression with QHHT Practitioner Karuna.
Journey to time and a place that only your soul recognizes!! Greetings fellow time travelers, Please join us as we explore our soul's many adventures and gain a better awareness of our present life's purpose. We will guide you using QHHT, hypnosis technique developed by Dolores Cannon. Bring your curiosity and an open mind as we travel through time and space exploring our past lives that are important to our present lives. In this journey, we might find the origin of our pressing issues and healing for our mind, body and spirit. For your comfort, we recommend laying down during the regression, so bring along your yoga mat if you have one, and a light blanket. The center has chairs and pillows for you to use as well. Cost: $10.00

BOTI Studios

607 South Harbor Boulevard 92805 · Anaheim , CA

What we're about

This group is for people seeking enlightenment about the spiritual side of life. It's about understanding mystical experiences you may have had or wish to learn more about. It's purpose is to share and learn about the soul's eternal journeys. It's also about understanding the soul's carry over of unresolved issues (Karma) from past lives and solving the issues they create.

We will share, discuss, and learn how to discover your Highest Spiritual Self, how to contact your Spirit Guides and understand your spirit's journeys into physical and nonphysical experiences.

We will learn and share about Past Life Regression (PLR), Future Life Progression (FLP), Life Between Lives Regression (LBLR), Near Death Experience (NDE), Out of Body Experiences (OBE) and Early Childhood Memory Recall along with anything else which we feel may contribute to your greater understanding of your Divine soul within.

If you have had a PLR, LBLR, NDE, OBE or if you live your life with abnormal fears please come to share, learn and grow. The intent of this group is to provide a safe friendly place to share and discuss these topics and individual experiences in an environment of respect, sincerity and Love.

If you suffer from unexplainable pain, stress, phobias or nightmares you may be dealing with unresolved issues from a previous life. This group may help you to discover answers and methods to resolve them with.

Spiritual Hypnosis provides answers to life challenges, difficult relationships, persistent habits and much more. It can help you live a life uninhibited by fear or uncertainty by discovering their source and the life lessons they represent.

This meetup is for you if you are seeking an intimate relationship with your soul, and want to discover who you really are.

If you are curious to learn more about Past Life Regression, a Life Between Life regression please join us for amazing discussions and demonstrations.

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