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OC-Polyamory doing Tantra


MEEvtL event listing ( MHS90A: ( Details from most-urgent: MLL4MO: under-construction. But still RSVP; and if MAYBE, say YES and explain in your RSVP comment. MHXFN7: We need some venues in order to hold this! Offer & nominate venues by Replying in the comments below ([masked]). MHS9HH: DATE IS APPROXIMATE; see WHEN thread ([masked]) for full details. MHS910:Activity hosts thread ([masked]) --see that for who designing & hosting the activities. Also please volunteer and/or nominate activity hosts by Reply-ing there. MHSIAL:Activity: doing Tantra ( MHSIE0: Those into polyamory ( are often intro tantra MHSIFQ: for instance, Kamala Devi, the most prominent character in Showtime's Polyamory series ( MHSIBH:can be used to look beyond the physical and get to know a person says Astara ( MHSJ52: Repeating every 2 months on 3rd Saturday (once finalized). MHSIMN: more details, including more on the activities, TBA here by the Activity Hosts. MLL5FO: OVERALL ANNOUNCEMENT & ATTENDANCE thread ([masked]) tells that including event listing hosts. MHQ8ST: Want more folks attending, plus great events totally suiting you? Then MAKE IT HAPPEN! -click here (! LG4OWH:What are these codes as “LG4OWH:” on this point? They’re short IDs to date-stamp, uniquely-reference, & portably-track most any point or item. History, in order ( MHS8XE:IDestiny ( version MHQDCN then edited to fit, creating a 1st draft. MHSIYA: used the location possibly offered by Michael (; did not specify if residential or commercial as residential mixed with sexual may frighten some; pst[masked]Wed0052. MHSJLO: added MHSJH7 & some rearranging; pst[masked]Wed0059. MHSJX2: fixed & improved formatting of this & prior section; updated to smaller 347×370 image. MHSKG6:Astara (, u are free to start editing this listing. Log ur changes in this section as I have, except use a date&time stamp[masked]Wed0119 instead of a 6-digit code. I Destiny ( will make periodic backups in case of loss. To notify everyone of a change, make an event comment post. pst[masked]Wed0119. MHXEM9: in order: MHXEOQ: had put in description:MHSJH7:Michael ( he MIGHT be able to find us a venue, so I've added him as a 2ndary Event Host includingto keep one in the loop one must be RSVPed YES (so if MAYBE just put an RSVP comment explaining ( MHXEXU: a few hours later, Michael changed his attendance status to NO (I now suppose to get the event host status off, but that doesn't happen on Meetup) emailed me changing his mind, saying he didn't want to be an event host, and I suppose may not want to provide the venue, apparently not because he didn't believe in it but because he remembered he knew someone important to him who may not approve if ever seeing this listing; knowing him from outside this group and knowing quite a bit more about the situation, I emailed him encouraging him to reconsider. MHXF86: Just now Meetup emailed me saying he had tried to say No (again?) on this event about 3 times, but with no comment; maybe he was again trying to get the "Event Host" status off? I checked and hadn't gotten response from him to my reply email. But guessing he despite still wanted to take back his original offer, I removed him as Event Host. Guessing he also possibly might want not to be seen on this event, I also tried to remove his RSVP (instead of it just showing up NO), I checked but saw Meetup provided no way to do that; still per Meetup's convention, the NO RSVP will disappear after the event happens. I will now let him know of these changes to insure he approves. MHXFNR: Added MHXFN7 (seeking more venues). pst[masked]Wed1622. MLL2VD: ~1hr ago I just now see this update got saved to the future listings starting with the 2nd ( but, due (yet another) Meetup bug, it did not get saved to the 1st & upcoming one (, until now when I'm putting it there. MLKW1G: Cutting repeat & delaying as announced ([masked]); cut Q7of7 as Meetup now allows only 6; pst[masked]Sat1704; MLL3M7: Updated MHSJ52, MHS910 and MHXFN7; added links to related event comment threads (4 of them); all references to Astara ( removed especially as Astara has not responded since agreeing to host ([masked]); replaced MDJQ6Z with MLL4DU; full review & rewrite of listing; updated location from Michael's venue's cross-streets to present; pst[masked]Sat2033.

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