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International Academic Polyamory Conference 2013+

Every 12 months on the 3rd Friday

Price: $69.00 /per person
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MEEvtL event listing ( MEFZZG: Has not yet been email-announced. (,r:0,s:0,i:84)

MBPR0Z:the annual International Academic Polyamory ( Conference in US.CA.Berkeley (,_California) MBPR14:When given above; in addition: MDJQ6Z:Instances & historic changes, in order: MEG18B: no prior instance known MEG18Z: Scheduled[masked]fri-17sun: OFFICIAL URL ( MEG1D8: On OC-Polyamory ( master/source listing with the latest version, from which other listings are copied from), short-link ,
Call for presentations ( MDJR5D: Repeating annually every February 3rd Friday at time range specified above.
MEG1ED: Scheduled 2014: TBA. : MEG2YQ: Location given here accurate to the city; instead see official URL below. MEG2XH: Cost given here varies ~+/-$60; instead see official URL below. MDMN8M: Listing History, in order ( MEFZA4: Destiny offered to make this listing ([masked]). MEFZW4: Destiny ( created this via latest release MDMN7K -> Copy MEFZXB: Destiny ( updating contents from Dave D's email ~2hrs ago ([masked]); still todo: factoring out "MDJQJS: Listed here" (done @MEHEPS) and hiding of the 6-digit codes ( MEG1WS: Destiny (, since no official image yet, added an image obtained via Google Image Search(International Academic Polyamory Conference) (,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=2e23ec689881ede6&bpcl=[masked]&biw=1366&bih=664) image 1; pst[masked]sun2325 MEG303: Destiny ( fixed several links & spacing; added "Cost" & "Location" points; pst[masked]sun2356. MEG3Y9: Destiny ( added "the master/source listing with the latest version" so this listing can now be safely copied with copies still telling where the original is for latest version & more; put "Listing History" in small text; pst[masked]mon0016. MEHDTG: Destiny ( prepping for reuse of this ( MEHEPS: Destiny ( factored out the unvarying text (planned at MEFZXB) including replacing beginning text with "MEEvtL event listing ( MEFZZG:" and this section's title with "Listing History, in order (" MEHEXV: Destiny ( notably improved "MBPR14: When"; pst[masked]mon1654. MEHEYS: Destiny ( resorted the sections to match the well-designed order used in MEEvtL event listing ('s post & its predecessors; pst[masked]mon1709.

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