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If you are a software developer preparing for technical interviews, tackling with algorithms and data structures or having a dream to work in Google, Facebook, Amazon, or Cool startups you should join! in this group we're gonna learn and discuss algorithms and code together. We're gonna have mock interviews. Studying for interviews alone can be stressful (that's what I felt, then I decided to create a group)!
Let's do it together to enjoy it.
Looking forward to meeting you!

PS: You won't be judged by your knowledge here :D We are all here to learn.

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Hi all. To be honest I was blown away to see 50 people joined! Thanks, coders. Unfortunately, I am not used to conducting big meetings and honestly, I don't know how to schedule a meetup with more than 10 people. So I have put this limit although I love to include all. Let 10 of us meet for the first time and come up with a solution to have bigger gatherings. This first meetup can be something like this: We will greet, learn about each other and how are we prepping for the interviews. we can bring our: laptops and code, books and read, questions and discuss, etc. :D The first meeting is on next Tuesday in Mochi and at 6 pm (I rescheduled it)! Your laptops need to be charged, there are no power outlets. I will put other meetups at different times of the day, and days of the week, so you can all join some of them! See you there!

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