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SoCal VR Con

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Orange County VR has teamed up with, Long Beach VR and San Diego VR to throw the SoCal VR Con this summer.

Welcome to the future! The future of entertainment, sports, art, music, gaming, and journalism is right around the corner. Intertwingled between it all is the exciting, engaging medium that is virtual reality - which has flooded into the public consciousness through media publications all around the world.

Now is your chance to try what the press has been raving about before millions do months later. We have rounded up a huge array of demos, experiences, panelists, and speakers for a transformative, exclusive event like never before. Dozens of companies will show off what they got, allowing all those who attend opportunities to teleport themselves into computerized realms that can only be described after jumping inside.

In addition to unreleased demos and experiences, a lineup of jam-packed panels and speeches will be held that will surely alter the way that you look at virtual reality from here on out. Expect big names and intriguing discussions that must be heard in person.

So get your friends, bring your cameras, and drive out to UCI in Orange County for a moment in history that you will never forget! Get tickets while they last.

In order to attend the event you MUST register for tickets via
Institute for Innovation
5141 California Ave., Ste 200 · Irvine, CA
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