• Xamarin best Tools, Integrations, Mobile App back-ends, and more!

    Hey Everybody! It's been a while isn't?! Firstly, wanted to welcome all new members I haven't met yet - Welcome & Looking forward to meet you soon! Secondly, There have been lots of new great stuff in Xamarin, many new helpful tools were created that I love using and wanted to share with you. Also, Xamarin's acquisition by Microsoft resulted in further dev of some neat integrations - Azure, Azure AD. Also I really wanted to discuss with you some Azure things Microsoft been working on - Cognitive Services, Face API, Emotions API, Content Moderation (where you moderate text/images/ video) all of it you can integrate in your apps. Let me know if you can make it! -Imad

  • Xamarin Insights! Monitor Your apps Real-time


    Xamarin Insights is a great tool, that allows you to monitor your app real-time, and will enable you to identify, report, and track issues that are impacting users with a simple and effective API. Learn how you can utilize Xamarin Insights in your app to effectively find detailed crushes, and prioritize bug fixings in your next release, as well as analyze user interaction with your app!

  • Xamarin Forms Deep Dive: Styles, XAML, Maximizing Abstraction!

    Join us to learn more about Xamarin Forms, it's styling techniques, and how to Maximize code sharing between platforms by introducing abstraction techniques! This session, with a hands-on lab will get you up and going with Xamarin Forms. Our goals: to learn how to create and style a cross platform mobile app, that will be accessing native, platform specific features Please try to come with Xamarin being installed on your laptops if you want to participate in a hands-on lab! Either Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio will work! If you experience any problems setting up your environment just come in early, and I will be happy to take a look! I will be at PeopleSpace at 6 pm.

  • Kickoff & Lightning Introduction to .NET Mobile Development with Xamarin!

    Hi Everyone! I am very excited to announce first Meetup of OC Xamarin Mobile Development Group! Please join us at 7 pm on Wednesday, March 18 in Irvine, CA as we launching this group! The Kickoff will include a lightning introduction to mobile development with Xamarin, its tools, and platform! All welcome to come and see what a native cross-platform mobile developing is, and how Xamarin can server your needs. Join to discuss, interact, network with all who passionate about .Net, mobile development, and Xamarin! Foods and drinks will be provided Please register ahead, so we have food and drinks for everyone!