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BYOD SimulSquad™(Co-Work/Learn&S­ocial on Your Topics) of US.92654(Laguna Hills)
—[masked] meeting • Kindly make sure an event host knows your cell # and what {hour range: arrive & leave time} to expect you. For whatever hours you would enjoy, RSVP & join! • We've been running tech SimulSquads™ 2 to 5 times every month since 2014. • This is advertised on a wide-variety of groups plus flyers and word-of-mouth, so often there are more people joining us than RSVPed YES on this one re-listing; but attendance is limited and sometimes selective, as a successful meeting has just 2 to 10 people, mostly regulars, who really get to know & love each other ...becoming your band of local tech buds! • We're here for you currently every Monday’ a nearby affordable quality friendly restaurant —usually the same venue but can change so stay tuned. • Per our BYOD SimulSquad™ name, ‘We work together in squads of 1 or more on your topics & courses & projects: on anything’, including any topic, ’do-able on’ BYOD (portable electronics of all sorts (laptops, smartphones, tablets, hotspots, keyboards, cameras, mics, meters, soldering, and of course big video & sound!) plus yes sometimes even books, pen, & paper!) ‘—training, coding, designing, biz/org-starting, research, homework, study group, office hours, writing,’ website building & maintaining, computer admin, accounting & bill paying, presentations, ’campaigning, hackathon, gaming’, even electronics building & repair! • ‘We also do great flipped-classroom co-training (self-paced & all-levels & level-sorted) on topics Node.js, Python, Android, even Bernie-calling, ...any topic with online-tutorials we readily do!’ • To ensure event hosts will be there for you, again ‘make sure an event host knows your cell # and what {hour range: arrive & leave time} to expect you.’ While one could RSVP & join for even just a few minutes, attendees generally participate from 3 to 9 hours so they can get in a good amount of great work, eating, play! • Chapter website: . --event re-listing

a fun well-rated cowork-friendly affordable(Yelp ‘$’) restaurant under 10min-drive of 92654 TBA to all RSVPed YES/MAYBE :OV09UQ

24001 Calle De La Magdalena · Laguna Hills, CA


What we're about

(LTBKIT=Welcome!, Android ( Developers, Users, & Entrepreneurs
of the US ( ( ( County (,_California) area!

Since 2009, we are Your oldest & largest professional community group
and we are Here to Serve You! (

MJZ5CB: quick intros

(LTBKK3=Find and join like-minded local developers, designers, & users meeting & succeeding in Android (!
Get your problems solved, put on presentations, help others, find & offer jobs, and team up on projects.
Just join ( and RSVP & come to our meetings, share knowledge, and help everyone grow & succeed in Android!))
(LTDOG6=your place to network & make tech buds!)
(LTBL8S=Mostly small-group meetings where attendees really get to know one another, not just some presentation where you only really get to know the presenter & the organizer.)
M3BE26: OCAndroid ( is Orange County (,_California)'s largest & oldest Android ( community ( group; and as that would suggest,

M3BEED: Members are Android ( ( ( & hardware ( developers (, entrepreneurs (, users (, and managers (, at ALL skill levels, in-or-by-or-visiting Orange County, California (,_California), who have been hand-picked (meeting simple basic good standards as having a pic showing who they are and respectfully following instructions; but on Meetup, that screens out a lot).

M3BE9L: The Android OS ( is the most popular mobile operating system, surpassing even Apple (their iOS as on iPhone & iPad) (; a huge & increasing variety of hardware ( runs it, indeed typically includes it standard, and is typically the least expensive (compared to hardware running other mobile OSes) firstly because Android is open source (; hardware running it includes mobile computer ( (including smartphone ( ("Android had a worldwide smartphone market share of 75% during the third quarter of 2012,[19] (") & tablet (, in PCs/thin computers/media players ( and video game console ( as Ouya ( and, embedded systems (as in high-end printers as by our member James Jung ( and even in airplane seat entertainment systems ( as by Panasonic Avionics ( right here in Lake Forest), plus more!

(LC78Q2=2010~-, Members are hand-picked, especially on following basic directions & respecting group rules, including:

(LTECO0=With each other (and ideally everyone), members should (communicate foremost by appropriate posting)LRBX9W ( and avoid private-messages & calls when possible to avoid. For instance,
(LTED3B=News & info about venues is posted on the venue's thread ( so all can see, benefit, & reply.)
(LTED7B=For jobs (recruiters especially, take note!), one (posts the need as a thread in the forum of Jobs Offered & Wanted) and (at least for the reply, encourages reply posts there rather than privately contacting back); the forum's also private so other employers can't see.)
(LTECMG=No posting direct contacts (as phone #s & emails) except for carpooling & finding-at-a-group-event.)) MJ6D5O: Membership requires approval, including:

MJD8EG: Answer all your profile Qs fully & accurately else you will not be admitted. Including:

MJD8WF: it's much faster & easier for everyone for you to do it right rather than do it over. Including apps that don't get it right the first time get 2nd priority as for those then we must stop & explain what all to fix and review again before we approve.
MJZ9AD: Notice question MFTRef is 2 sub-questions which then both need full & accurate answers.

MJZ9JF: Answer in via doing quote:
(1) ...
(2) ...
MJZ9K3: Some typical good answers for each part include:

MJZ9KS: "(1) "
MJZ9L6: "(2) See Intro" (where that gives this answer)
MJZBAA: "(2)I liked Android got my 1st Android(&4a mere $25/mo w/unlimited 3G data+sms:Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept smartphone -deal!) so then searched for nearby Meetup group to learn about Android this was by far the the largest one"

(LC78QJ=Notice question MFWPic says for your group profile's main pic, have a close-up photo of you which clearly & accurately identifies you ( else there give reason for a waiver.)

MJD8GX: Allow time for processing; we review new & fixed applications ~1x/week.

MJZ5EW: more intro

(LEZXXP= ( Fast-increasing impressive member list with member pics & intros & supplemented with:
(LTDPFP=Starting 2011.10, a forum for notable persons (
(LTDPET=Starting 2010.10, additional detailed bios plus contacts (
(LEZY0G=Starting 2010.10, map of our meeting attendees with carpool routes!)
--add yourself here!)
(LTDN6S=2011.10 Demographics:
(LTDNFA=~95% (local=in County))
(LTDNFV=~80% developers (~20% advanced, ~30% intermediate,~50% beginner), ~12% developer managers, ~5% users, ~3% recruiters & admin)
(LTDNKL=mixed variety of ethnicities & ages.))
(LTBKUG Starting 2011.10 by popular demand: Multiple specialized meetup tracks catered to your interests, specialties, and requests:
(LTDNXQ=for developers: Advanced+Intermediate Meetups, Intermediate+Beginner Meetups, Developer Conferences)
(LTDNZ4=for users: Info swaps, Classes)
(LTDNZQ=for all enthusiasts: General Meetings, Hack Nights, major announcement presentations & press-conferences)
(LTDOJS=Starting 2011.10, multiple leaders, a growing leadership team, to run our multiple meetup tracks and more (
(LTBKVB=Starting 2010.10 (, forum of Jobs Offered & Wanted)
(LTDS47=Starting 2010.12 (, forum of Android Issues (discussion, Q&A, support) (
(LBCKFF=Starting 2010.10 (, listing & comparison of Related Groups (us & beyond))
( LTE8WN=Last, we have a Head Organizer who, now, and for many weeks during this year, is working more than full-time, unpaid, to make this all happen, especially due to our recent rapid growth; plus increasing new additional leaders (see above), together all making this group the great place that it is.) (,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.43287494,d.aWc&fp=c1aed69c94dd363c&biw=1366&bih=705& Moreover, like a Better Business Bureau member... Our group is a proud follower & endorser of Universal Rules & Guidelines for L2PG1L (! –a free eBook which includes:

MJ78ND: Want more folks attending, plus great events totally suiting you? Then MAKE IT HAPPEN! -click here! including:
MJ9IGT: Core rule for everyone: Follow "Due-process" procedures for every possibly negative act (including quitting, deleting, removing, blocking, banning --even on your own stuff if that could affect others) to insure fairness, construction rather than destruction, and minimize losses & negatives -especially on Meetup where, like a gun placed in hands where it often doesn't belong, Meetup presently enables any member to typically do notable harm to accomplishments, reputation, & esteem --via typically freely offering users the ability to do these negative acts in couple of mouse clicks and without any safety mechanisms to prevent them (as requiring warnings, following published declared rules, authorization, delay periods, and explanation); so here's the missing procedures for everyone to follow before pulling any trigger.
LTDSHF: a great intro to Meetup. New to Welcome to Meetup, too! – the most-powerful major website to find & host in-person groups. If you want, simply use your Facebook to login. Meetup provides you 92,000 in-person local groups ( all topics, worldwide, & mostly for free.

MJCNH9: Additional rules & guidelines:

(LC78QC=Completely answer all your profile questions.)
(LC78RR=To ideally share your Interests & Groups (to maintain privacy, use just your first name or a handle for your profile name or have multiple profiles (as one for personal and one for business)).)
(LC78QV=RSVP for at least 2 events (your group title will show your RSVP count).)
(LC78R6=To answer the organizer's private Qs when you RSVP (this info is private: only event hosts can see your answers).)
(LTE8FA=If your involvement with our group helps you get paid work or fill a paid position, you must let the head of our group know within a week.
(LTFJ7P=This group is a free service to the general public and has led many people to find jobs & fill positions; but, per this thread (, facilitating all this (finding jobs & good people, and training & meetings & making-connections) and running this group takes hard work and we want & need credit where it's due.))
(LTUCAQ=Please comment! Your constructive feedback, posts especially, is what makes us happen!

MJ78ZQ: Non-members, we encourage you to apply-to-join ( else reach us via our "Contact" link (

(LTUJ5S=Non-members, please use the Contact us ( link.))

LG4OWH: What are these codes as “LG4OWH:” on this point? They’re short IDs to date-stamp, uniquely-reference, & portably-track most any point or item.
MJ78WV: Member-comments & history (on this section/description (see below for its history) plus on our URL, name, & other basics)

(LTDTMJ=Members, please post in the posting area closest matching your topic (as on our (official description="read more about us") ( right above and/or on our (URL+full name+topic+area+logo+colors+what members called) (; indeed Meetup & our group provide a custom posting area for every topic & person); else private-message if there's no suitable posting area.)

MJKGS8: Section History, in order:

MJJLHT: I Destiny ( did all authoring here unless noted here.
MJZ3GL: Group "Founded Oct 6, 2009"
MJZ3JE: Earlier details TBA.
MJZ3JT: a complete solid version, last modified pst2012.07.10Tue2317
MJZ3N5: Updates needed including especially to the application process;
MJZ3WB: Merged in and updated to the formatting from OC-Polyamory's ( latest version MJKNGE including: added this section and cut " --Yes, membership means something here. So, to become & stay a member, you will need to follow some good rules. Most notable, "; pst2013.03.20Tue1505.
MKE4VN: imported history

MJIBDZ: M3BEED & M3BE9L: improved & updated subpoints; pst2013.03.11Mon1040.

MKCTYF: moved from the next upcoming main meeting ( description points M3BE26 & M3BE9L under MJZ5CB; pst2013.03.27Wed2212; also brought history MKE4VN; pst2013.03.28Thu1506.

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