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via OCAndroid: OC Linux User Group main meeting: Linux InstallFest! MWD76I

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{MWC46S=event re-listing description (providing only missing background, as official website has event details)

{MWC7C0=The Android mobile OS was actually a derived from the Linux desktop & server & embedded-system OS (, and is being integrated back into Linux (, why OCAndroid ( lists Linux stuff, too.}

{MWC4LD=The community group

{MWC6ED=name: Orange County (,_California) Linux ( User Group,
{MWCF62=summary: OC (,_California)'s leading & virtually-only Linux ( community group
{MWCF72=(There is S.OC Linux User Group ( but they've had only 1 mtg 2013.06.06 & none since.)}}

{MWC4VO=founded: unsure but likely 1997.02.05 per MWC5OH}

{MWCCNQ=--SEE THAT for the official event details; this description (in this a relisting of the event) gives only missing & mostly-historic background so to better introduce the event.}
{MWC5OH=Domain name ( reg "Created On:05-Feb-1997 .."}
{MWC5EA=Updated monthly it appears}
{MWC5EW=Fails to keep prior content but Archive.Org's entry has has near full history, as far back as 1998.06.14.}}
{MWC65A=main meetings
{MWC6NP=Venue: has varied across Orange County}
{MWD71Y=Occurrence history re-listed here, in order:
{MWC693=Seemingly every month, seemingly Saturday ~10:00-1400, currently 3rd Saturday}
{MWC6ED=[Linux ]InstallFest featured at some Meetings}
{MWC4ML=currently CSF McCarthy Hall (in Maps.Google) (,+Fullerton,+CA&hl=en&sll=33.883171,-117.886863&sspn=0.022196,0.038581&hnear=McCarthy+Hall,+Fullerton,+California+92831&t=m&z=16&iwloc=A) rm 606}
{MWD76I=2013.11.16Sat10:00-14:00 ( aka : InstallFest as detailed at MWC6ED, and OCAndroid's 1st relisting (}
{MWD7HW=2013.12.21Sat10:00-14:00(date guestimate) ( aka : official details TBA}
{MWD7ZR=no others if this list has been maintained}
{MWD82L=all re-listings (once indexed) (}
{MWC6OT=Mailing list
{MWC8L4=currently , where anyone can join automatically in minutes and it has a very nice threaded archive of messages plus quite active discussion indeed seems much group interaction takes place there, including with additional groups for both coding & stuff for sale; but unfortunately, unlike most of Meetup, the electronic group discussion is members-only (not public) and not in any search engines, making it much less likely to easily find past important discussion & content there.}}
{MWC5AU= says "OCLUG will be running a booth at ..SCALE ( 2x" which was 2003.11.22}
{MWC6OU=What are these codes as “MWC6OU” on this paragraph? They're short IDs to uniquely-reference, date-stamp, and portably-track most any point, item, or content (}
{MWC4R4=Listing History
{MWC4RZ=I Destiny ( create this re-listing, from scratch, as soon as I heard of this 2013.11 meeting (tomorrow!), using latest ID coding style (with new features as outlining in plain-text); listing overview thread (; pst2013.11.15Fri2005}
{MWCCZF=Mostly in response to Bill's feedback (, added point MWCCNQ plus title text of MWC46S; pst2013.11.15Fri2159}
{MWCFCX=Added missing "MWCF62=summary" and subpoint MWCF72; pst2013.11.15Fri2232}
{MWCN37=MWC8L4: added significant details; pst2013.11.16Sat0119}
{MWCR8D=Per Nathan's post (, updated title from q(via OCAndroid: OC Linux User Group general Meeting) to present; pst2013.11.16Sat0247}
{MWD8I3="MWC65A=main meetings": reorganized chronologically including adding subpoint "MWD71Y=Occurrence history re-listed here, in order:" including all subpoints thru MWD82L; updated title from q(via OCAndroid: OC Linux User Group main meeting: Linux InstallFest!) to present:appending q( MWD76I) referring to this 1st instance; pst2013.11.16Sat0913}

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