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on OCAndroid: Sat+Sun ~3x/yr

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Announced on 9/13/2014 latest code camp will be at USC November[masked].

SoCalCodeCamp (

N7V750=Please RSVP & constructively comment
N7V7P9=A great event which repeats every ~3 to 9 months.
N7V893= The date above is often a guesstimate as the official site often doesn't post the date until 1 month before ([masked]) and (as best as I Destiny have seen) doesn't well notify of it ([masked]);
N9BVF1=*If you find out when it is, for everybody, please here comment post that news plus your source URL, posting in {our standard thread for that: its with first line "WHEN --put all on that here in this thread"}, also creating that thread if not already here.
N7V75J=Every SoCal IT professional I recommend attending these at least once.
N7V7W7=I've gone about 7 times since it first started, gained a lot from it, and generally always go if it's nearby and I have time that weekend.
LYHZDG=Typically at all times there is an IT lecture/session happening which is not-specifically-Microsoft (so on open source, Android, Linux, WordPress, Drupal, job finding, etc)
N7V6KR=Typically features multiple Android presentations ( --click for possible sample
LYIO3T=Day 1/Sat ends with the famous Geek Dinner ( starting 6pm.
LYI1C9=Day 2/Sun ends with the famous raffle.
LYI0A2=Strongly recommended that attendees bring laptops.
LYI08X=If Meetup won't allow you to RSVP YES because the event has started, then (1) post your RSVP as a comment to this post and (2) ideally Meetup-email the event host your answers to to the private Qs ( (your name, cell #, email address, etc).
N7V7RU=For our members, this is an on-your own event. If you're going, volunteer to be an event host and help gather our members, starting commenting so & communicating on the event listing.

N7V8BT=Especially for the exact date and college & city, see...
N7V756=official & source listing: <—click & read!

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N7V6YI=this Google Search ( finds many(all?) of them.
N7V7KK=[masked](Sat)-30(Sun) SoCalCodeCamp: Saturday sessions featuring 6 on Android ( and and[masked](Sat)-30(Sun) SoCalCodeCamp: Saturday Geek Dinner ( =maybe our 1st listing
N7V7JP=[masked]Sat (
N7V7NV=[masked]Sat-30Sun (
N7V7QR=many many more over the years.

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N7V7ZQ=I Destiny ( list these
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N9BRRY=changed this from {being where Meetup mysteriously auto-scheduled this: today[masked]} and repeat "Last Sat every 4 months" to "Repeat last Sat every 3 months" (since it could be 3 or 4), so given last one[masked]SatLast-29 (, moved this to[masked]SatLast. announced in the When thread ([masked]);[masked]Sat0821.
N9BUXA=Per that difficulty the official site causes, moved N7V893 from {half-way down: right after N7V7RU} to {near top: right after N7V893} and enhanced the writing some including repaired 1st link, added subpoint N9BVF1;[masked]Sat0941