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StartupWeekend.Org Bootcamp of US.CA.Orange_County #1

Price: $5.00 /per person

Location visible to members

Details event listing ( MI8EQ3: Under construction and NOT yet an official OCAndroid event:

MI94DS: Title: http://StartupWeekend.Org Bootcamp, re-listing especially for OCAndroid ( members.
. MHQ8ST: Want more folks attending, plus great events totally suiting you? Then MAKE IT HAPPEN! -click here (!
including: MIAAST: BRING YOUR LAPTOP + devices for accessing Meetup ( --the link tells you why, including: MHUGFR: For posting-live on the happenings at the event, website sharing, planning & RSVPing for future events. MIAAU9: For doing the projects & labs at this event. MDJQ6Z: Occurrences plus Historic Changes, in order: MIAAEZ: Who's organizing? MIAA9U: Founder & Main-Organizer OCAndroid member Miles ( as founder & Organizer of GDG OC ( MIAAKT: OCAndroid ( & Assistant Destiny, Head & effective founder of OCAndroid ( MIAALJ: possibly others. MHQQ7Y: repeat schedule: guestimated 4th Sunday every 6mo. MI8FQ8: #1 scheduled ideally-momentarily-as[masked](Sun#4,1st one[masked] (, MIA9WE: ALERT: The pr ([masked])esent date [masked]Feb24) will almost certainly need to be notably delayed ([masked]). MI94AX: WARNING: StartupWeekend.Org/events ( DOES NOT (yet?) list this as an event. MI92W4: Venue: Chapman University, Orange, CA; members can see the exact room #. MIAF9B: "already booked the room" said Miles'[masked]st OCAndroid listing. MI0QSP: Attendance counts are as of[masked]Thu14. MHQNYD: Already 15 RSVP YESes (with possible overlap) as Cross-posted in at least 2 locations: MI8G1I: GDG OC (main listing) ( 15 RSVPed YES MI8G3S: OCAndroid (this listing) ( 1 RSVPed YES MI0TEE: This re-listing uniquely features the full posted history of this event series, along with attendance and repeat-frequency estimates and links to all cross-postings known, plus key synopsis & reviews. MI8G7K: Possibly more; no search yet done. MI8GG3: Full agenda, in order: MI9YS3: Presently the most complete agenda MI9YYN: in order: MI8GJ7: 1000- "Lecture 1..: Creating your first Web API, using Ruby on Rails" MI93GZ: 1130- "Lab 1..: Setting up your Dev environment and make said Web API" MI8GLJ: 1300- lunch MI9YP4: "Lunch is provided at the event." emails Miles MI8GJP: 1430- "Lecture 2..: Creating your first Android App, which uses the created Web AP" aka Lecture on the basics of making an Android application for those with some programming experience but new to Android. MI9YMC: "how to write a simple Android app which communicates with an API.. (hit a URL, get JSON, use object to display Image, User data, blah blah)" emails Miles MI9Y8L: "Can be a Phonegap lecture as well" says Miles ( MI8IQT: goal: to give users a taste of Android and promo OCAndroid ( MI8GK5: We need a speaker; volunteer or nominate-someone by an event comment here MI8GLW: 1600- "Lab 2..: Setting up your Dev environment and making it all work." aka a lab where attendees can try out what they have learned from the lecture. MI8I77: 1700- "Wrap up and Mingle" MI8I7V: 1800- end MI9YQL: Gives the big picture in full detail of everything happening. MI9Z1V: subsets can be extracted from this for others, but planners & presenters need 1 place to turn for the full details. MI9YTW: Details should be put here 1st else collected from various discussions. MI9YUD: Created by Destiny ( since there was no complete one, by combining all of Miles ( writings (both from the first listing ( & emails) MHQNSP:For what you need to bring & other key info, read
THE FIRST & MOST-OFFICIAL LISTING ( MHTKT6: Unlike most other event re-listings, event info, including stuff all attendees need to know, is minimally copied and/or repeated here, so mostly NOT here as instead here is link to the official source (and, for those not granted access to that, a link to a recent full copy of it) --all intentionally, to(1st) insure all readers of this re-listing get the latest, official unabridged, complete news direct from the main people & group hosting this event (relistings that copy and/or repeat then have the problems of the telephone game ( plus know who the source is, and (2nd) minimize the work to create the re-listing and especially to keep it matching the source & complete. MI9XLB: #2 predicted ~[masked](Sat#4,~6mo later[masked] (,
. LG4OWH: What are these codes as “LG4OWH:” on this point? They’re short IDs to date-stamp, uniquely-reference, & portably-track most any point or item. Listing History, in order ( MI9WDB: All entries & actions here by I Destiny ( unless noted. MI9WDP:Miles ( creates main event listing on Google Plus ( MI9418: Made versioned archive for 1st event post ( MI9WFH: "Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 6:06 PM" Miles ( emails Destiny ( & Bill ( "you are my only hope" about being & getting Android speakers "We need one of you guys to do a lecture on how to write a simple Android app which communicates with an API." "Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 1:27 AM" Destiny replies saying "MHY46V: Clever idea & nice work!" and "MHY47M: Note like most all writings, this really should be handled via posting, not email, per rule (;so let's get it into posting(s) ASAP:" and telling how to create an event post on OCAndroid. MI9WHV: "Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 8:58 PM" Miles ( creates this event listing[masked] ( MI74VM: create a versioned archive of this an archive of this listing[masked] ( MI8ESX: now format this post by on #MHQN3O version MI5BLR doing a manual copy of the description HTML code then editing to fit, merging in the existing text. MI8I2R: cut Miles ('s text "If you are interested, please email me right away." and "Call me" and "send me an email if you have questions." and his private contacts (cell & email address) as all this violates our policy to foremost communicate via post and especially not post private contacts ( - read that & the containing sections so to avoid this again (2nd time I'm pointing this policy out to you), especially important to know with being an organizer. MI8H1G: renamed & retropiced from "Android Bootcamp" to "StartupWeekend.Org Bootcamp" MI8H0E: Rewrote description into a logical structure including events it this series & the agenda for this event. MI8GZY:Changed venue name from "1 University Dr,Orange,Ca" to the actual name "Chapman University"; added "Beckman Hall 106" from the main listing. MI8HQE: I've added the end-time: 6:00pm (from ur main link) MI9X5L: Repeat frequency MI9X6R: bug: won't allow me to set one here perhaps because this event isn't announced or because it was created by SUGGEST an event. MI9X82: Not specified in sources; Miles, what is it estimated to be? MIA41O: Set to 4th Sunday every 6mo. MI9XQ0: Short-URL: put " -does not work, prob since not announced"; this seems another bug with events created via SUGGEST. MIA4GE: replacement listing[masked] ( now produces which also fails MIAEYR: --oops, from my conversion error; should be http:// ( which works MI8INF: Rid Miles (' constructions "join your meetup group and attend your future meetups" as Miles is also a member indeed here an upcoming group leader, so it should be "our meetup group" or just "OCAndroid". MI93BC: merged in agenda from main listing with that taking priority esp as far as time of events. MI94J9: Linked the title's keywoards; small research into event background including adding note. MI9Y5I: Merge in Miles ( text from his emails. MIA0ZN: "2/15/13" SMS Miles ( "Me:I'll be giving u a revised listing4 ur Startup event later today, taking me ~6hrs work; in meantime, pls read&internalize "via-posting" +,as time,the other stuff on that pg,most all key 4u esp as an upcoming leader (esp. since on ur listing u again encouraged emailing&calling).11:15 AM" MI9XVL: Due to the last 2 bugs, copy this SUGGESTed event post to an actual post? MI9Y2H: Yes, before handing it back to Miles ( MIA3YC: now, per MI9Y2H, create this listing[masked] ( via prior one (>copy. MIA4P8: create versioned archive for this listing[masked] (
MIAAPQ: added "MIA9WE" & "MIAAEZ: Who's organizing?" & "MIAAST" & subs; add Miles ( as an attendee; small improvements; pst[masked]Fri1644. MIAHJK: set title to(StartupWeekend.Org Bootcamp of US.CA.Orange_County #1) including state, country, and series #; fixed "GDC" typo in MIAA9U; in MDMN8M, added missing-sizing


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