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OCAndroid visiting SCALE 2015 aka SCALE12x --FREE for our booth volunteers!

Every 12 months on the 4th Friday

Location visible to members


MIHWR1 ( MIFP4X: We're one of the Orange County Community Tech Groups visiting SoCal's famous open-source conference SCaLE --FREE for our booth volunteers! ( --LIKELY A MUST-ATTEND for our members, so kindly read that page-just-linked-to then RSVP. (,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv[masked],d.cGE&fp=5ce038a1cf8c8470&biw=1366&bih=705&

MIM9J0:One can attend for any portion-attend for all that you can. In all cases, even if the start time has past,pleaseRSVP here as directed ( and attend.

MIFMCN: repeats annually on the 4th Friday. LG4OWH:What are these codes as “LG4OWH:” on this point? They’re short IDs to date-stamp, uniquely-reference, & portably-track most any point or item. MDMN8M:Listing History, in order ( MIFGYY: all entries & changes by I Destiny ( unless noted here. creation ( date ( by ( ( N1CN5N: Auto-copied by Meetup from last occurrence (11x[masked]) ( MKENI0: motivated to have the page ready for today's ref ([masked]), changed the title fr(OCAndroid visiting SCALE 2013 aka SCALE11x --FREE for our booth volunteers!) to present;[masked]Thu2128. N1CN86: Replaced "MIComm community groups (" with "Orange County Community Tech Groups" plus added "SoCal's " per new main title rewording; cut MIGQG5 except for MIFMCN as the rest just needs to be maintained & obtainable now at say ; pst[masked]Fri0624.

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