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SoCalAndroid Hack Night via OCAndroid 11+

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(LT2MOD last mod=[masked](Wed)pst1632)(LT2VER version=2.2)

(LT2STA=1st officially emailed out[masked]pst1753; please RSVP & comment)(LT2NAM=

(SoCalAndroid (http://SoCalAndroid.Org) Hack Nights via OCAndroid ( ))

(LTNVQ2=((SoCalAndroid=Southern California Android Developers community group http://SoCalAndroid.Org )
=prior to 2011, (OCEUG.Org=Orange County Embedded Java Users Group)=the next-largest known Android community group serving Orange County)
runs, as their one meetup-type since ~2007, Hack Nights on most Wednesdays, as their welcome post ( and mailing list announcements detail;
these OCAndroid entirely relists and brings our members to.
) (LTU5JT=Additional details from (announcement of[masked]) source ( with bolding: Stop by and learn about Android and bring your Android problems
PLEASE BRING YOUR LAPTOP. We can help you best this way, and if you've not yet setup an Android development environment we can help you with that and get you started with your first application.
Pizza: We serve pizza at our meetings -- the nutrition of hackers world wide, and the only time I get to eat pizza. I can't tell you where we're going to get it from. I've grown a little weary of stopping to pick up the Pizza on the way so we might just use our phones to order something online. We'll try to remember the little pepper packets. Please RSVP so I know how much pizza to bring or order. If you indicate you're going to attend then please show up. ) (LTO4DX=MEETING DATE DETAILS & EXCEPTIONS that can't be automated by (LTO4A3=For some of the SoCalAndroid Hack Nights (, OCAndroid leaders schedule an official OCAndroid event ( at that same time & place
(LUPO1E=to combine resources, including the leader of SoCalAndroid Hack Night who is the Android Development instructor at UCI Extension.)
(LUPO6P=In these cases, attending the official OCAndroid event always implies attending that SoCalAndroid Hack Night (at the same time & place)
(LUPO1Q=so if you RSVP YES for the official OCAndroid event, you should not RSVP for that SoCalAndroid Hack Night to avoid duplication else apparent-conflict.)
(LUPO1Q=so, before you RSVP for any SoCalAndroid Hack Night, first RSVP for any official OCAndroid event at the same time & place.) .
) (LTO4GA=For any Wednesday within 1 day of a (OCJUG meeting (, which presently is the 2nd Thursday of the month), SoCalAndroid's leader (Jeffery Peacock) generally doesn't come (as he says that's too many Java-related meetings for him in one week) and he doesn't find a replacement, so with no one to lead this, this wasn't happening then --until override.
(LW5ZZ4=So per override (, OCAndroid ( has (its event leaders for this, below) run this, insuring an Orange County Android Hack Night for the community on every Wednesday virtually without exception.)
(LW62E5=includes offering a meal for effectively every attendee per LU1W8A of this post ([masked]) --for example, as done on our 1st such meeting ( (LTO4S9=Additional exceptions are rare & will be posted on the SoCalAndroid mailing list (
(LW60JR=However, so attendees won't be troubled, (OCAndroid ( event leaders for this, below) will try to correct & fill-in for SoCalAndroid exceptions, and where they can't, they will say so & echo the exception on the OCAndroid listing.)) (LTO5TL=SoCalAndroid officially announces each occurrence on the SoCalAndroid mailing list (
(LTO5VT=From the recent 2 I've seen (this=the official announcement) doesn't generally happen until only about 6 hours before the event, perhaps because the schedule doesn't seem to change.)) ) (LTOOCC Occurrences in order, 3-or-more in a row, starting ideally at the last to take place= (LTO5IZ=none before) (LT0DIS=Discussion thread of All Additional Aspects for 1 to (3=next thread) ( ) (LTO5IC=(1:[masked](Wed) (
Source email announcement (; took place with Beg-to-Int Dev Meetup per this result post ([masked]).) (LTO5NX=(2:[masked](Wed) (
-NOT HAPPENING THIS WEEK due to Thanksgiving Holiday, per LV3W7J of last Hack Night post ([masked]). RSVP for upcoming weeks & have a Happy Thanksgiving!) (LTO5RZ=(3:[masked](Wed) (
Source email announcement ( Discussion start ([masked]). ) (LV4ZQ0=(4:[masked](Wed) (
Originally not happening (due to usual LTO4GA: OCJUG that week (, BUT DID HAPPEN 1st time due to override (
shared discussion thread ( (LV4ZQ0=(5:[masked](Wed) (
Source email announcement ( Discussion thread ( (LW63DK=(6:[masked](Wed) (
Source email announcement ( Discussion thread ( Combined with OC Android Beginner/Intermediate Dev Training #3 ( Includes leader Donna presenting the app she coded and published on the Market since joining OC Android ( (LW63MZ=(7:[masked](Wed) (
Source email announcement TBA. Discussion thread TBA.) (LW63S7=(8:[masked](Wed) (
Source email announcement TBA. Discussion thread TBA.) ) (LTNLDS Latest Event (Host+Leader)s from our group OCAndroid ( (LTNLD1= Bill Z ( of Orange; joined[masked]; 7+RSVPs,5+attend; a Hack Night ldr --per LVWEKF of this last mtg post ([masked]).)) (LTNLD2= (LW5YIG= Kathryn F ( of Tustin; joined[masked];6+RSVPs,6+attend;a Hack Night Ldr --per LVWEKF of this last mtg post ([masked]).)) ) (LO9QFO=To attend, you must follow the latest version of "info for every event LEVW4X" ( (LG4OWH=What are these codes as “LG4OWH” on this paragraph? They're short IDs to date-stamp, uniquely-reference, and portably-track content.)

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