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Orange County's Android Community Group for Developers+Users Message Board (LWKFIX=_ Beginner-to-Intermediate Developers' Meetups) › (LT5I0H=OCAndroid Beginner-to-Intermediate Developers' Meetup 1's discussion

(LT5I0H=OCAndroid Beginner-to-Intermediate Developers' Meetup 1's discussion thread of All Additional Aspects, from-conception-to-legend, in that order

A former member
Post #: 285
(the OCAndroid ((Beginner-to-Intermediate, formerly Intermediate+Beginner) Developers' Meetup) 1's
(LSZTHR=discussion thread of All Additional Aspects, from-conception-to-legend, in that order))­)

(LT6POS THIS POST=(LT5I0I=(the listing+the event itself)'s initial history 1­). Happenings from-conception-onward:
A former member
Post #: 287
(under construction)
(LT6POS THIS POST=(LT6D94=(the listing+the event itself)'s history #2­).
Happenings so far, in order:
A former member
Post #: 305
(under construction)
(LT6POS THIS POST=(LT8PKX­=a (LT9QCQ=additional post on a portion of the initial history of the subject of this thread, with this (post so portion) and (during it, what happened) listed in the order it occurred)))

  • (LT8TBA=more to be filled in)

(LT8PLB=This is a (LT8P­HP=position-holder eBB-post
A former member
Post #: 319
(under construction)
(LT6POS THIS POST=(LT9QGE=a (LT9QCQ=additional post on a portion of the initial history of the subject of this thread, with this (post so portion) and (during it, what happened) listed in the order it occurred)))

  • (LT8TBA=more to be filled in)

(LT9QH2=This is a (LT8PHP=position-holder eBB-post
A former member
Post #: 320
(under construction)
(LT6POS THIS POST=(LT9RCL=An update on the status of (this=OCAndroid I+B Dev Meetup 1), especially to the event leaders))

  • (LT9RFC=Dear Donna & Sanjeeve (as event leaders of this),)
  • (LT9RIG=Today is the day when, at 7pm, we have been scheduled to have the 1st meeting of your this your new track.)
  • (LT9RKB=Well I've got news which is a little-bad but mostly-good, and of course as always I would like to ask your thoughts.)
  • (LT9RMQ=The a little-bad news: While I'm doing all possible to insure the meeting comes soon (indeed what's in part kept from telling you sooner), we won't be able to have the meeting today.

    • (LT9RO=I'm hoping you suspected this when you noticed, as I hope you have, that is not yet listed on our site (just this thread of its creation) and so, as you would guessed, has not been advertised.)
    • (LT9RYL=Why not today?


  • )

A former member
Post #: 321
(LT6POS THIS POST=(LT9XRY=An essentials update on the status of (this=OCAndroid I+B Dev Meetup 1), especially to leaders (of event or venue))

  • (LT9XTR=To give a complete explanation, I see it will take me a few hours to finish the prior post plus the other venue-status post it links to.)
  • (LT9XUK=In the meantime, it's important to get out the essentials to the leaders. Indeed, I'm glad to see Donna was asking. So just now I did the following:
  • (LT9Y1M=at time noted here, check for SMS messages and reply to Donna:
    Donna ... ...-3972
    10/18/11 10:14 AM
    Donna ...: Hi, [me], I haven't seen the beg+interm meeting on the even calendar. Do we start next week? 4:05 PM
    Me: Just got ur SMS. And yes, thanks for checking as I hoped u would, and asking. As soon as possible: depends on venue (hard to reach) & when listing ready (lots of work), as detailed & will be detailed in­ which I've been writing 4u event leaders. 10:14 AM
  • (LT9Y3F=Tell the essentials to the leaders (of the event (Donna­ & Sanjeev­) and of the venue (Michelle­ & Dave­)) naturally via Meetup Greets:
    DestinyArchitect The Android Developers/Users Group of US.CA.Orange Co.

    (LT9V7M=this Greet:
    Dear Leader (event or venue) of (the OCAndroid Intermediate+Beginner Developers' Meetup 1, detailed in (its Additional Aspects­,
    While I'm working as hard as possible 2hv this event as soon as possible, it isnt yet advertized&cant be today, 4reasons I'm posting4u in that thread &in(the venue thread­ in short, from growing pains as OCAndroid grows2have many tracks+many leaders+this new venue.
    Thank u 4your support.
    Oct 18, 2011 11:36 AM
    (LT9Y9D=Interestingly & pleasingly, I also made this greet to conform to (LT9Z69=this new guid'ed-but-portable writing format I've been developing), indeed this is the 1st greet to conform to it.))
  • (LTA0XM=I realize all leaders here except Sanjeev are new to Meetup, so wouldn't know to look for Greets as in their email on on their Meetup profile. And even Sanjeev is new to me so I wouldn't be sure he'd know.
    (LTA103=So I compose & send out the following SMS to all 4 (with the "group-profile" substituted for each one)
    Me: (LTA04C=RE the mtg@7pm, I just posted u a Greet on (your group-profile=­ ) --Did u see it? 12:35 PM
    Me: --as this is where Meetup users r2 notify individuals of non-private news,esp re Meetup stuff,& Greets r instantly emailed2u -Or did u know this about Meetup?) 12:36 PM
    (LTA1RJ=Note this also interestingly & pleasingly the first SMS message in (LT9Z69=this new guid'ed-but-portable writing format I've been developing), again the first of its kind, and in this case the message being split (due to short SMS length) but the "()" holding it together))
A former member
Post #: 1
The beginner's group is to set the foundation of android development for beginner developers. We are going to provide the beginner developers with the best resources online.
before each meeting the the main focus/topic we are going to discuss will be posted. It would be preferable if members can prepare themselves before they come.

The ultimate goal of this beginner's group is after 6 months, we are familiar with the fundamentals of android development, SDK APIs and the development-release-publish process.

First meeting:

1. Set the development environment up:
IDE(eclipse) + Android SDK + Eclipse ADT plugin
download and configuration
2. Brief member introduction
3. Open talk among members
A former member
Post #: 365
(LUJ3T1=creating event description initially

  • (LTOC0P=now I (to have a listing for the many new members to RSVP to)
    created (this event listing )
    (by (copying=(LT2MOD last mod=2011.10.26(Wed)pst0544)(LT2VER versi­on=0.3) 
    (LT2STA=not yet emailed-out but please RSVP & comment)(LT2NAM=(SoCalAndroid Hack Night's OCAndroid listing­) (removing all that didn't apply and correcting the rest) (set its ID to (new ID LTOC3Q))))(LTODCI=I picked recurrance of 3rd Tuesday to match the originally picked one, just 1 month later)(LTODLI=change title component
    ((from=Intermediate+Beginner) (to=Beginner-to-Intermediate)) ((from=Advanced+Intermediate)(to=Interme­diate-to-Advanced))
    (as=(includes prior concept)(reads easier in the logical order these happen)(accurately suggests the positive progression intended)(con/mixed: in each range, puts less emphasis on the higher, in other words, instead of the lower having to catch up with the higher the higher is now bringing up to speed the lower))) 
  • (pause a few days)
  • (Donna posts above)
A former member
Post #: 366
(LUIL6K=Updating event description

  • (LUIL7F=Change start & recurrance date from 2011.11.15(Tue) to 2011.11.16(Wed)
    (LUJ3OO=Quite a bit of discussion with an enthusiastic prospective attendee:

      Me to Anoush Agahi (XXX) XXX-9891 - mobile
      11/10/11 6:18 PM 25 hours ago
      Anoush Agahi: So so so sorry for cancelled it[my attending OCJUG]. I will make next Tue for biggeners for sure. 5:43 PM
      Me: Yes, I inferred u were not flake during our last Gen Mtg where u nicely posted a comment when u cdn't RSVP. I just sadly momentarily forgot so many do flake. 5:48 PM
      Anoush Agahi: See you next week. Have a good night, Anoush 5:49 PM
      Me: Tue meeting will be moved to Wed; I've just had bad cold last last few days so haven't updated it yet. I'm actually still sick. 5:52 PM
      Me: I like ur enthusiasm & I look fwd to meeting you soon. Pls consider volunteering for an OCAndroid leadership job (all are co-leader jobs: nobody leads alone). 5:53 PM
      Anoush Agahi: Oh no! Get well soon. Can we put it on Fri. I want to attend, but I have a class between 8 to 10 in Newport coast on Wed, or if we can update it for 5:30 to 7:3 5:55 PM
      Anoush Agahi: 0. Or 6:00 to 8:00.. 5:55 PM
      Me: We're moving it to combine with Hack Nights which are most Wed: see sched. I haven't picked which so u cd vote. 5:57 PM
      Anoush Agahi: Ok.thanks though. I thought leaders chose the time. 6:05 PM
      Me: They can, but they listen & are to serve their attendees. 6:18 PM
      *next day*

      Me to Anoush Agahi (XXX) XXX-9891 - mobile
      11/11/11 3:26 PM 3 hours ago

      Me: Anoush, what Weds 7pm-9:30pm do u have free ea mo for the OCAndroid Beg-Int Dev u want to attend? 1:35 PM
      Anoush Agahi: All my Weds are packed...the only free time on Wed, is 5:30 to 7:45. I have class in Newport coast at 8:00 to 10:00. 1:38 PM
      Anoush Agahi: Tue was the best bcz I'm totally free after work 1:39 PM
      Me: So sorry,SoCalAndroid meets only on Weds &features its head Jeffery Peacock,UCI's Android instructor; cant get em on other nites. Still have User Grp on Tue. 1:46 PM
      Me: Also Gen mtgs start at 6pm and other mtgs may move fr 7pm to 6pm, too. So, as always,pls come for the portion u can. 1:47 PM
      Anoush Agahi: I can cancell only one of my classes, but not all. Wasn't it on Tue? 1:47 PM
      Anoush Agahi: Ok. Thanks:) 1:49 PM
      Me: Yes but it hasn't started yet and says "DATES ARE TENTATIVE!". And see my 2nd prior post -that's why I ask what Weds avail 4u. All but 2nd Wed are possib. 1:54 PM
      Me: Welcome. I wanted to accommodate u if I possibly cd. My current plan is to move this to 3rd Wed so just 1 day later. So what do u think u will do? 2:19 PM
      Anoush Agahi: You mean 3rd Wed of month? I'll make it. I'll miss 30 min of my class and 45 mins of android. I try my best 2:37 PM
      Me: That's the spirit! Sounds good! 2:44 PM
      Anoush Agahi: :-)..what program I need to install on my laptop for android programming? I searched, but didn't find a good link. It should ne free right? 2:46 PM
      Me: Search4 & post that in the appropriate forum, presently (_ (Tech (discussion+Q&A+support))+Projects­ I see a mbr answers u. 2:51 PM
      Me: &yes it is free. And if u want to do it with others, come to any Hack Night or Beg-to-Int Dev Mtg. 2:57 PM
      Anoush Agahi: TIA! 3:26 PM

A former member
Post #: 367
(LUMVKX­=Updating event listing

  • (add text from Donna's post

    • (LULO2X=The goal is to "set the foundation of Android development for beginner developers. We are going to provide the beginner developers with the best resources online." "The ultimate goal is" for the attendee, after attending 6 sessions, to be comfortable with "the fundamentals of Android development, SDK APIs, and the development-release-publish process.", with quotes from Donna's post.)
      (LULO3J=Each attendee should ideally arrive having already done the preparation steps posted for the particular event listing --paraphrasinging Donna's post.)
    • (LUINUM=Beginner task: "set the development environment up: IDE(Eclipse) + Android SDK + Eclipse ADT plugin" posts Donna.)
  • [Donna, don't edit your post above any more as I've copied the text from it. Instead if you want a new version, create a new post.]
  • (add

    • (LTNLD2 2=(LTODE2= OCAndroid incoming-leader Rohit of Laguna Hills; joined 2010.10.26; 9+RSVP,9+attend; B+I Dev Ldr.)
  • (publish (quote=(LT2MOD last mod=2011.10.13(Sun)pst0501) (LT2VER version=0.5)))
  • (post on Rohit's profile a version of what I posted on Ken C's)
  • (LUMW7Y=The agenda presently listed is still a standard linear course type which seemingly will perform badly for reasons I detailed to Donna. So I write: (LUMDBI=an optimized agenda for in-person group teaching when (topic takes many cumulative sessions) and (students are at different skill levels & attend unpredictably) ). How do other event leaders feel about this?)
  • (LUMWY6=We need a standard text to cover OCAndroid development beginner to intermediate which meets the criteria of the LUMDBI (even if we don't do LUMDBI as it has good text criteria). Event leaders, what do you suggest? You're the experts.)
  • (LUMWPY=to the event leaders, please post the following (last item)

    • Donna­
    • Rohit­
    • Sanjeev­
    • (LUMX32=Dear 1 of 3 leaders of­ Beg-to-Int Developer Meetups,
      Our 1st listing is nearing completion. And we need to email it out ASAP because the it's this Wed 7pm. But before we do that, on its discussion thread which I give here, please now post your feedback to the listing and in particular to my last update­ especially the LUMDBI method I'm recommending. Thanks.)
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