Iceland Laugavegur Backpacking Hike – from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork

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Laugavegur Hike – from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork
Hiking time: 4 days
Difficulty: moderate
Length: 54 km
Elevation: 539 m. m
Highest Point: 1059 m. m
The Landmannalaugar – Thorsmork route is called “Laugavegurinn”, The Hot Spring Route

The trail “Laugavegurinn” is one of the most popular and most travelled hiking trails in the Icelandic wilderness. The trail offers a great variety of landscape. Mountains in almost every color of the rainbow, great glaciers, roaring hot springs, big rivers and lakes. Generally the hike lasts four days and the starting point is Landmannalaugar (altitude approx. 600 meters).

Overnighting is in huts but you have to supply your own sleeping bag. Those with confirmed reservations have a higher priority so it is important to look in advance if you want to have a certain place to stay.

Your other option is to camp, which can be done outside the main huts for about 1200 kr per night. You can also normally use the kitchens in the huts for an additional 500 kr per night.

Here's the plan, comments welcome.

1 July 19 - We take the Trex bus (your choice of the 2 bus stops)

From Area Bus Stop Departure Time Arr Time
Reykjavik Tourist Info City Hall 1230
Reykjavik Camping Laugardal[masked]

ISK 9400 (about $83) book in advance

Bus to Landmannalaugar Trail Head, ARR 1640 am.
Camp or Hut (make your own reservation, I'm camping).

2 July 19 - Landmannalaugar-Hrafntinnusker, 12 km, 4 – 5 hrs.
Side trip to icecaves (approx. 1.5km from the hut)

3 July 19 - Hrafntinnusker – Alftavatn, 12 km, 4 – 5 hours.
Two huts (58 persons). or Camp

4 July 19 - Alftavatn – Emstrur (Botnar) 15 km., 6-7 hrs.,
Huts in “Botnar” (40 persons). or camp

5 July 19 - Emstrur (Botnar) – Thorsmork, 15 km., 6-7 hrs.,
Here we decide to hut or camp or bus (if running) back to
raykavid. The hut in Thorsmork is Basar huts in Godaland, in
Langidalur Hut Skagfjordsskáli and cottages and huts in

6 July 19 - Travel/Fly Reykjavik or travel/overnight Reykjavik/ whatever