Shenandoah NP Cabin Weekend - PATC Argow Cabin


Eaton Hollow Overlook

· Elkton, VA

How to find us

Start at Eaton Hollow Parking and hike 1 mile to the cabin.

Location image of event venue


Join us for a 2-night cabin adventure in Shenandoah National Park. The PATC Argow is a beautiful cabin just a 1-mile hike from Eaton Hollow Overlook parking.

It sleeps 8 (four single-sized bunks) but can probably sleep an additional two people on the first floor. This is cross posted on FB so i've set the limit to 5 on OCB.

It might be best to follow the event on FB since most of our communications happen there -

Here's a video tour of the place but this was in 2011 (it shows a firepit in the deck) -

This is a 2016 video that shows the firepit has been removed -

Here's the PATC page description -

Trail map from Eaton Hollow parking to Argow Cabin -

The plan is to meet at the cabin on Friday at no set time. We'll have someone with the key open the cabin around 3pm. Saturday, we'll head out for a dayhike after breakfast and lunch on the trail. We usually plan a big group dinner with everyone providing a portion of a set cuisine (last year we had an awesome Mexican dinner theme). I'll put up a survey to get a vote on a cuisine. Sunday, we'll clean up and head out after breakfast.

Last year, since the cabin was a short .4 hike in, I was able to bring beer, alcohol, water, and firewood that everyone helped to bring down to the cabin. There should be plenty of firewood and a spring available. So, if you'd like to have some sort of alcoholic beverage, please plan on bringing your own (it won't be provided).

There is no camping on the property but I'm sure you can set up a tent in the spacious front and side porch (I plan on hammocking). Pets are allowed on this trip but they should be well-behaved and quiet.

The cabin provides a propane stove along with most of the cooking utensils such as cast iron pans and spatulas along with typical leftover spices such salt, pepper, and cooking oils. There're also mattresses but you'll have to bring a sleeping bag and pillow (32° bags is all you need). We'd recommend that you bring your individual backpacking gear minus the tent.

Cost will be a split of the cabin fee amongst the number of attendees that show up (about $15-20).

Fun times in spring!