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Oct 11, 2010


philreedshikes.com Howdy all, I enjoy backpacking, planning trips, taking photos, telling stories, and laughing around the campfire! I've been hiking for a while and have always been a slow walker, not much has changed.

Help us to understand the experience level of our members. This will enhance the safety and planning of events. Are you new to backpacking or do you consider yourself an experience backpacker? About how long have you been backpacking?

Experienced. I think my first backpacking trip was in 1972, Big Bend National Park

Do you currently have all the equipment you need for a backpacking trip? i.e. backpack, boots, sleeping bag, stove, tent, cooking stuff, clothing, etc. etc., etc.?

yes, and more than I need.

When was the last time you went backpacking? Where did you go? How many nights were you on the trail?

( I should change this question); last month

What is the longest backpacking trip you have been on (number of days/nights)? Where?

26 days, John Muir Trail, California

Do you know how to read a topographic map? Do you own and know how to use a compass? Do you own and know how to use a GPS?

yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes