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In the opening statement of this group, we did promise fun along the way. To those of you who have not yet attended, we have been having lots of fun! Each meeting for me has been fun and exciting, and my goal of meeting new people and hearing their perspectives about life and living with Abraham is being fulfilled and really has been joyful for me. This next meeting will be fun and exciting and joyful as well, but the format will be slightly different. For those of you who would like to join us, we will have a channel there who is willing to channel one of her guides to answer any question you might have; about the Universe and how it works, about your life and anything that interests you, there are no wrong questions. I don’t know how many questions we will get through in the time that we are there, but bring as many as you like and we will see how it all unfolds. Remember we all meet in the nonphysical realm before we drag our bodies to this meeting. And I always ask Abraham to be a part of these as well, and they are helping me with the wording of this invitation – my intention with this meetup is to share a bit of the fun that channeling is – flowing with the Infinite Intelligence that is all around us, and truly who we really are as well. Anyone can channel if they have the desire to, and I have found being present while someone is channeling helps with this process. So, whether you want to learn how to channel, or you just have questions for the Universe, join us and feel free to play with us!
This will be a very exciting evening, and we look forward to seeing you there! And then you will not be disappointed that you missed it 


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