• Managing and Securing the endpoint

    Cisco Irvine Office

    Organizations today are under the constant threat of cyber attack, and security breaches happen every day. Endpoint security solutions should provide the visibility, context and control to not only prevent cyber attacks, but also to rapidly detect, contain, and remediate advanced threats if they evade front-line defenses. Organizations are relying on a layered approach to address the advanced tactics used during the attack continuum: before, during, and after an attack. Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints provide strong layers of defense to address this continuum. Philip Kuligowski will be our presenter. Phil is a Security Systems Engineer and has been with Cisco for almost 4 years, focusing solely on security, he enjoys learning the different malware/evasion techniques hackers use to infiltrate systems. Look forward to seeing everyone at the Cisco Irvine office!

  • The New Era of Networking: Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches

    Description: Switching for an entirely new era of networking. The Network. Intuitive. Your network needs to understand the world it is connecting. But some switches are not designed to handle the demand of security threats, evolving IoT and mobility integration. Cisco® networks have moved data for 80 percent of the Internet for the last three decades. And we don’t just move data. We study it. We work continually to understand it. We apply that knowledge when we design our switches. The result: a network that constantly learns, constantly adapts, constantly protects and the new Cisco Catalyst® Series switches. A famous quote by Alan Kay, computer scientist, "If you are serious about software you need to make your own hardware." The Catalyst 9000 Series Switches introduces new hardware capabilities to enrich the new IOS with amazing features. About the presenter: John Shin is a Cisco Systems Engineer who has been at Cisco Systems for 3 years and holds CCIE certification in Route & Switch. Prior to Cisco, 18 years at Yum! Brands, he held several positions from Senior Network Engineer, Network Design Engineer, and Associate Manager for Global Network Engineering and Architecture.

  • What is this Hyper-Converged infrastructure we keep hearing about?

    About the topic: Operational simplicity is prized more than ever by IT organizations as they face the rapidly evolving application landscape and the challenges of digital transformation. To meet this need, Cisco has developed the next generation of hyperconverged infrastructure: Cisco HyperFlex Systems. Cisco HyperFlex combines software-defined compute, storage and 10GE networking into a simplified, easy to use system that unlocks the full potential of hyperconvergence. This user group meeting will include an overview of Cisco HyperFlex architecture and capabilities, examples of customer success, and recommendations on how to identify the workloads in your environment best suited for this exciting new technology. Join us to learn how Cisco HyperFlex can help your organization become more agile, efficient and adaptable, and how hyperconverged infrastructure fits into your larger Data Center strategy. We will also touch on the Cisco S3260 storage server for the data-intensive workloads up to 600 terabytes of local storage. Yes, Cisco is in the storage business!!! Guess who’s leading the charge in the hyper-converged market? http://www.crn.com/slide-shows/virtualization/300086946/the-top-6-hyper-converged-infrastructure-brands-of-q1-2017.htm About the speaker: Todd Wagner is a Consulting Systems Engineer for Cisco Systems, focusing on the Data Center practice. Todd’s 20-year career in the IT industry includes stints at service providers GTE, MegaPath, and Level 3, where he designed network solutions for large, complex multi-national customers. Todd also spent time at Illumio, a data center security startup. Presently, Todd’s primary areas of responsibility are software-defined network fabrics, hyper-converged infrastructure, and data center orchestration and automation.

  • What’s New with Cisco Next Generation Firewalls - Intro to Firepower 2100

    About the topic: Join Cisco as we take you through an overview of the four new NGFW Firepower models, showing how they deliver business resiliency through superior threat defense focusing on sustained network performance. We will show you how these new appliances compare to existing Cisco ASA appliances. Management choices and functionality will also be covered, including the new on-box manager, Firepower Device Manager and Firepower Management Console. About the speaker: Michael Behnam is a Cisco SE supporting the Orange County commercial territory customers. Prior to Cisco, he held multiple IT Operations roles. Most recently as Director of IT at SecureAuth, IT Security Consultant at CyberPoint, and Director of IT at BeyondTrust.

  • Cisco Digital Network Architecture - Introduction to Software Defined...

    Software defined networking (SDN) is defined as a network architecture that decouples the control and data planes, moving the control plane (network intelligence and policy making) to an application called a controller. In this months session we will take a look at the Enterprise Campus portion of the Cisco Digital Network Architecture. Software-Defined Access is comprised of two foundational technologies; programmable, custom ASICs and converged software services. Decoupling network functions from hardware while combining wired & wireless into a unified fabric results in greater efficiencies being achieved in deploying and securing networks. Key concepts to be covered: * What is SD Access * Secure, policy based automation * Service enablement via open API’s * Network visibility * Architectural overview

  • Enhancing Workforce Collaboration with Cisco Spark

    Cisco Irvine Office

    Today's collaborators - "agile workers" - are transforming the enterprise. They are creating and sharing ideas and content rapidly, and interacting with colleagues inside and outside their organization from anywhere. This agile workforce moves at their own pace and desires to use the devices of their choice. This type of worker and his/her team exist in organizations of all sizes: startups, small/medium companies, larger enterprise departments and in between. Cisco has carefully analyzed what is happening in the collaboration space today and is aware of what end users and IT are looking for in order for both to be satisfied and achieve greater business outcomes. Cisco Spark is a complete cloud based business collaboration service tailored to meet the growing needs of the agile workforce. Cisco Spark enables you to message, meet, or call anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Learn how Cisco Spark service can be used by your workforce to make teamwork much simpler and how this service fits into your existing IT requirements through a differentiated cloud architecture. Topics to be covered: - Difference between instant messaging (Jabber) and next-gen collaboration (Spark) - Leveraging automation of collaboration tasks via Bots and API’s - Ad-hoc team meetings - Hybrid services with Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange

  • Reveal Malicious Threats & Fight Ransomware With OpenDNS Security Solutions!

    Description: Imagine losing access to all of your critical data — only to find out you are being extorted by cyber criminals who require payment in order to get it back. This is happening at an alarming rate and is commonly referred to as Ransomware. While these attacks are most prevalent on employee laptops, ransomware is now targeting departmental file servers and other critical infrastructure. There are steps you can take to better protect your company and reduce the risk of ransomware breaches. In this user group session we will dive into details about OpenDNS’s products—Umbrella and Investigate. We will cover: Security challenges addressed by OpenDNS How OpenDNS Umbrella and Investigate work Where OpenDNS fits within the typical security stack OpenDNS top uses cases Open DNS API integrations OpenDNS integration with Cisco ISR's & Anyconnect VPN client.

  • Lets talk Meraki!

    Cisco Irvine Office

    Please join for a discussion on the Meraki product family and share the latest updates and features on wireless, switching, security, and phones! Our speaker for this event will be Humphrey Cheung! Humphrey Cheung is a Cisco Systems Engineer in Los Angeles. Prior to Cisco, he worked as a network engineer for Panda Restaurant Group. He is also the founder of the RouterGods Meetup Group, the largest Cisco certification Meetup group in the World. Back in the Dot-Com era, Humphrey worked for NetZero, UCLA Bruin Online (ISP for students/employees/instructors) and fixed computers for movie stars.

  • Cisco TAC Best Practices and Update

    Cisco Irvine Office

    In this month's session we will cover innovations within Cisco TAC that are available to customers to assist in remediation of issues without having to open a TAC case. Cisco has several tools that are available via download that help resolve issues as well as provide actionable information. Whether you manage a handful of Cisco products or thousands of Cisco products within an Enterprise, Cisco’s API-driven tools lend TAC intellectual capital to self help tools that help will empower endusers.

  • First Line of Defense: Web and Email Protection

    Cisco Irvine Office

    In this session, attendees will be exposed to a deeper understanding of how Cisco's innovative approach to protecting these content security vectors against advanced threats using best in class threat intelligence integrated on the security technologies before, during and after an attack. Otherwise known as protection throughout the attack continuum. During this session a Cisco Security Consulting Systems Engineer will cover cloud based, as well as, on premise solutions, e.g. Cisco CWS, Cisco ESA and OpenDNS