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The OCD Peer-led Support Group is for adults with obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD. The goal is to meet in an emotionally safe environment in which triggers will be respected. Members can have diagnosed or soon to be diagnosed OCD. The focus will be on OCD and not on other disorders. My hope is to share encouragement, resources and coping strategies and to be patient with one another. There will be openness to all cultures, religions and gender identity. Family members are welcome.

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Let's Share Some More for the OCD Peer-led Support Group

Aurora Police Department

We're not super formal. After announcements, we'll do a quick go-around in which people can describe his or her OCD (talking is optional). Then, we can cover any issues people want to work on or get input. If time allows, we can have more questions or an activity for discussion. Then, we'll close the meeting.