• Let's Share Some More for the OCD Peer-led Support Group

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    We're not super formal. After announcements, we'll do a quick go-around in which people can describe his or her OCD (talking is optional). Then, we can cover any issues people want to work on or get input. If time allows, we can have more questions or an activity for discussion. Then, we'll close the meeting.

  • First meeting to meet one another (speaking is optional) and share.

    Hi. I've had OCD for over 40 years. I've found that it is not a well understood anxiety disorder by many people. When I've met someone with OCD it feels like we really understand what it's like for each other. I started this group because I could not find any other OCD peer-led support group in this area. I felt that I needed and others might need additional support. I hope that we can be there for each other and share some coping strategies, encouragement and resources. An emotionally safe environment is so important. I want members to feel safe and to have their triggers respected. Openness to various cultures, religions and genders will also be respected. Members can have diagnosed or soon to be diagnosed OCD. However, the focus will be on OCD and not on other mental health disorders. Speaking is optional, so everyone is comfortable. Adult family members are welcome. The structure is not super formal, as we'll probably start the meeting with a quick go-around of first names and describing his or her OCD. After that, if anyone wants ideas to help with his or her specific issues, we can get into that. If time allows, I might include a question to think about and discuss. Agenda: 7:00 pm-Get settled and write first name on name cards 7:15 pm-Announcements and quick go-around 7:30pm( approximate) Any issues members want to discuss for support; if time allows a discussion question 8:15pm-wrap up meeting 8:30pm-end of meeting Just a house-keeping point, our generous host does not allow any smoking inside or outside anywhere on the grounds. The guidelines states that any smoking outside can lead to not allowing a group back. I respectfully ask that if a member is under the weather and it is contagious to please wait to attend until the next meeting. Thank you for understanding and complying. If at any time, you want to discuss any issues with me, please feel comfortable in doing that. Open communication in running a group helps keep the group going in a positive direction.