The Report, the Congressional Appearance, the Dilemma

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Irvine Ranch Water District - Community Meeting Room

15500 Sand Canyon Ave · Irvine, CA

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The Irvien Ranch Water District is located on Sand Canyon Ave. roughly half-way between the 405 and 5 freeways. Look for the Community Meeting room on the far north section of the IRWD complex.

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This will be short presentations followed by discussion of a current events touching on the Mueller report. We shall remark on Mueller's report, his testimony before Congress, and the question of impeachment proceedings. This will be a discussion with audience participation after a short introduction to each section. Hopefully, we shall have enough time to say a few things about Part 3, the dilemma on impeachment faced by Democrats in the next few months.

1.) The Mueller Report (Recommend that participants at least have read executive summaries for Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the report.)
• Brief introductory statements .
o Vol. 1 – Russians interfered in 2016 election & Trump Campaign reaction
o Vol. 2 - At least ten allegations of obstruction of justice
o Re. the conclusion: Mueller chose not to make a determination on impeachable crimes by Trump, instead made a rather wimpy conclusion (…no evidence that exonerates Trump)
• Discussion.

2.) Mueller’s Congressional testimony
• Opening remarks .
o Appearance before the House Judiciary Committee
o Appearance before the House Intelligence Committee
o General remarks about Mueller’s performance and committee questioning
• Discussion.

3.) Dilemma: to impeach or instead focus on 2020 election?
• Presentation of two sides .
o Decision to do impeachment Inquiry/Investigation
o Impeachment process: likely results - political consequences?
o Forego impeachment and concentrate on electoral defeat of Trump
o Implications of this decision?
• Discussion.

To prepare, you should read at least the executive summaries for Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Mueller report, if not at least large parts of the entire report.
Here's a painless way to review some of the findings volume 2. This is a recital by actors of the main findings of Volume 2 of the report.

Hopefully, you have seen at least some of the Mueller testimony before the congressional committees.

Also you might find helpful to view Adam Schiff's closing exchange with Mueller in the Intelligence Committee testimony: