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92654 Laptop SimulSquad™ Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics,incl #SpreadTheBern

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Details ( --‘ Bernie Phonebanking (’ similar to ours (; our ‘Laptop SimulSquad™’ ( is also like this.

This event repeats 1 or 2x per week, especially the day before any state vote in the US to really Get Out The Vote (, so on Mondays and a few Fridays. So, for our Bernie Dialers (, that means: dial hard today then watch Bernie win tomorrow! Join us for as many hours as you will enjoy. Normally a ~15 hour event, this appears to be one of the rare community events which offers not just weekday evening participation but also night and even afternoon and morning participation. You do NOT need to be a member of any group in order to join us here. Expert to Beginner welcome! Includes training. Join regularly and become a master! We aim to be a crew of local buddies building & helping :-) Venue may vary a little, including to spice things up!, but is always... a routinely-affordable quality restaurant (so have a great time AND a great meal!) open most all hours, reasonably quiet & with great table space, and ideally offering even good vegan ( near where event hosts live which is nearest US 92654(US.CA.south.Orange County.south.Laguna Hills) (,+CA+92654/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x80dce8ec4c51be8f:0xb0321e3726cbbda5?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjj_PyFgv3LAhVO2WMKHaSyD9EQ8gEIHDAA) For maximum attendance, this is one of several advertisements, each with its own partial RSVP count. What to bring: laptop computer or other computer with full-sized keyboard-and-screen --here you'll need it & really use it! I also have 1 flaky laptop to loan for use here. --except if you're doing only Bernie dialing here (, you can instead use a recent {tablet computer or maybe smartphone}, as you still must have a good web browser. if you're doing phoning here, also... a mobile phone or {equivalent, as a computer with Google Voice ( or Skype ( or other VOIP (} for your phone, headphones-else-earbuds with mic be able to well converse on the phone both when our work area gets noisy and while you use your web browser. Basic earbuds w/ mic are sold by 99-Cents Only Store ( for $.99. All types are sold inexpensively by Big Lots ( Vivitar Bluetooth stereo earbuds w/mic ( Staples sells (discontinuing?) for $6.99. I also have 1 or 2 to loan for use here. Internet Wi-Fi hotspot(s), ideally to share, if you can we'll have Wi-Fi Internet but it's so-so. smile :-) Cost: FREE (as covered by event host) if most of your time here is doing #SpreadTheBern; else only $5/attendee. Due by attendee arrival. Cash only; cards soon. Paid to main on-duty event host. Fully refundable if event hasn't started & host fully told why. And naturally you must buy from our ‘routinely-affordable quality restaurant’ venue roughly proportional to how long you join us there, which is typically easy as the food & drinks are inexpensive, varied, and tasty. RSVP YES else MAYBE --it's not required but very helpful (, especially ASAP. We love supportive reply posts! So even after-the-fact RSVP is better than none. If you're a MAYBE but no RSVP option for MAYBE, click YES then just explain with a comment. RSVP ideally with a comment else message telling... your cell # (send privately) and zip code if we don't already have it if you're a MAYBE, How-likely & Why when will you join us: what begin & end time and how many hours if we offered this event at ALL hours, when would you join us: what begin & end time and how many hours For example, ‘I'm at cell[masked], zip 92630. I'm MAYBE (80% likely): if I don't attend event at URL __, I'll join 9am-noon (3hrs) but, if u were all hours, I'd join 7am-noon (5hrs).’ Have another time, place, activity, or suggestion which, if we did it, would cause you to join us? Then suggest it to us!" And when convenient, see the full details for this event, including exactly what's happening and, later, how it went, which we update regularly especially the days around the event time ( --wait for your web browser to scroll you to the entry for this date, which generally takes 20 to 40 seconds, so wait to see the details that opening that URL scrolls you to before you scroll that page. If you don't get scrolled to that, please use the complete guide for opening powerful links ( If you're still having trouble, please email [masked] the trouble you're seeing, especially any errors or odd displays, as we want to fix that promptly for you & everyone, so aim to reply to you promptly, too. Looking forward to you joining us! ...for our 92654 Laptop SimulSquad™ Co-Work/Learn&Social on Your Topics ( now including help #SpreadTheBern (!

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