What we're about

We were the first. Aye, we started it all, the very first Pirate Meetup was OC Pirates.

Here be a place fer ye pirate history enthusiasts and historical reenactors to swap stories of high seas adventures and boast about yer booty.

Ta join us, ya best tell us who ye be and why ye want ta join our motley crew in yer introduction or ye nay be getting in!

We be nay jus' an online community, participation by attendin' our Meetup events an' RSVPin' fer events be necessary t' maintain yer membership.

So come splice the mainbrace with a bunch of sea dogs at the Orange County Pirates Meetup!

Prior to askin' t' join up ya best be readin' our Membership Rules posted on thar "Pages" tab.

Soliciting or proselytizing on the behalf of business, political, media, or religious groups and/or personal interests without express, formal permission of the Orange County Pirates Meetup Organizer (MistressPrime) is not acceptable.

Disruptive or disorderly conduct is grounds for immediate dismissal from the group.

The use of photographic or video/audio recording devices of any kind is strictly prohibited without prior express permission from the Orange County Pirates Meetup Organizer (MistressPrime) and participants.

Past events (125)

The Orange County Pirates August Meetup

Needs a location

MistressPrime's 5th Mega Meetup Picnic

Needs a location

The Orange County Pirates Monthly Meetup

Needs a location

The Orange County Pirates May Meetup

Needs a location


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