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Dave (The RAW FOOD Trucker) health talk

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Join Dave, The Raw Food Trucker, for an inspiring health talk discussing...

•At 430 lbs., how I lost 230 lbs., while eating as much as I wanted, never weighing food portions or counting calories.
•Sharing secrets I learned while on the juice fast.
•Never experiencing hunger, yet being nutritionally satiated.
•Going from a size 64 to a 38 waist.
•Explain the process I went through to get my diabetes under control
•How I got off the medications actos, glyburide and metformin in just four days.
•Explain what my process was like on this healing program.
•Tell story about how I received a piece of raw chocolate from David Wolfe and Carolyn shortly after having had a heart attack and major stroke, and the secret I learned from David about the role chocolate plays in heart health.
•Share about the role cayenne peppers has played in my heart health.
•Some of the research I’m currently doing is for a book I’m writing (working title “How to Reverse Heart Disease and Stroke for under $5,000 in America”)
•How I healed paralysis, which left over 90% of the right side of my body paralyzed, with the help of my dear friend Tresa Yung, in less than three months.
• I will share some of the alternative healing methods I incorporated, and how I experienced a reversal of paralysis of the right side of my face, tongue and throat.
•Explain how my kidneys were leaking proteins into my blood system. My first doctor told me that this condition was irreversible and that it was going to be all downhill from there, and that I would end up on a kidney dialysis machine.
•Learn what I did to reverse this disease and completely avoid kidney dialysis.
•Share reports of a Seattle lawyer ‘s reversal of his so-called “irreversible kidney disease.”
•My most recent blood test reports, showing 0% proteins leaking into my bloodstream.
•After being on zantac and consuming a bottle a day of Rolaids, as well as other medications, I had a complete reversal of acid reflux in less than ten days, and was able to discontinue all of the above medications.
•Sharing stories of clients I’ve coached who have reversed this disease.
How I reversed it with out Chemo Therapy or Radiation Treatments in 6months
•How I got off all but one of 19 prescription and six over the counter medications in less than six months.
•Sharing a case about a woman I coached whose stomach was paralyzed from an unidentified disease. Within 60 days, she experienced a 90% reversal of the following diseases: Morbid obesity, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, gastroparises (stomach paralysis), chronic insomnia, colonic inertia (non-functioning bowels), hypothyroidism, migraine headaches, clinical depression, general anxiety disorders, secondary adrenal failure, and medication induced Cushing’s syndrome

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  • Beth G.

    Enjoyed Dave's energy and his stories. Just ran too long for me and I was sorry to miss the question and answers.

    5 years ago
  • Christie O.

    Very motivating! Thanks for this awesome meetup!

    5 years ago
  • Linda

    Really good!!

    5 years ago