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Raw Food & Yoga Retreat to Vilcabamba Ecuador **The Valley of Longevity**

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Suggested Meetup time & place (flexible on time and place but going to ecuador for sure this january):

January 12th, 7:00 pm
Manso Boutique Guesthouse with Organic Veggie Restaurant
Malecon 1406 y Aguirre, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Tired of all the pollution and radiation (from japan) in the Northern Hemisphere??? Come join me
for a two-week raw food and yoga retreat through the wonders of ecuador (Guayaquil & its beautiful beaches, el cajas national park, podocarpus national park, & vilcabamba) arriving Jan. 12th and returning Jan. 27th

Even with a master's in genetics & a passion for longevity research (I am a long-time life extension member ( and nutrition, I still took a quantum leap forward in knowledge and masterful living when I met Lou Corona ( ) and learned about power of fermented foods along with probiotics & digestive enyzmes. Now I can eat less than 600 calories a day (i am 6'4 190 lbs.) and still feel content with plenty of room to spare for deserts like my raw carob chocolate! Come with me on this retreat and I will share with you all of my diet and yoga secrets!

As for why I chose Ecuador for this retreat, the reasons are numerous:

1. Vilcabamba, "the Valley of Longevity", is famed for having the most mineral dense water in the world! Along with perfect weather year-round!

2. There is already a community of raw foodists there.

3. Inexpensive building material, food, and labor ($10/day).

4. Property search: My korean farmer friend is an expert in fermented food (i.e. kimchi) and wants to invest for his relocation to Ecuador.

5. Satellite projections predict that ocean level might rise up to a meter in the next 10 to 15 years! This makes having a haven (at higher elevation) already in place when the panic of mass flooding strikes a must!

6. dual citizenship with ecuador allowed after only 60-90 days with 25k investment! or after 3 years of holding a visa unlike mexico which requires u to be mexican 1st.

EVERYONE is welcome to invest (either in labor or money) no matter the amount in the planned resort/farm... AWARENESS of healthy living- both for the planet and ourselves- is a group effort for the WHOLE world!!! All currency in ecuador is USD and foreigners have same rights as citizens for property purchase. Very low taxes.

Rough Itinerary for trip (those not wishing to see all of central ecuador can fly or bus directly to Loja, Vilcabamba & we will meet you there in a few days): p.s. subject to change upon input from all parties!!

1. Manso Boutique Guest house w/ Organic Veggie restaurant/ La posada del sueco beach.

2. Banos Hotsprings- famed for medicinal healing minerals! (day 2) (

3. cuenca (day 3)- El cajas national park- 250 lakes at 4,000 meter elevation!,mod=11&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

4. Podocarpus National Park (day 4) (

5. Vilcabamba (days 5-12)- raw food & yoga paradise with perfect weather!
hotel: (from 10/night)
eco resort: (45/night)

links to potential properties for our resort/farm:
pp017- 2 building 10 bedroom/5 kitchen/5 bath plantation 7.5 acre with outdoor pool. 395k obo

77 acres with basic house and river- property 0527- 280k

496 acres with small house & river 500k obo

20 acres with house highly developed farm- 695k

please call Jay at[masked] or email [masked] for questions/comments

Flights currently Cost $620 if you leave early morning on Fri. Jan. 11th

$742 if 11am on Sat (optimum), or $874 for 1 am on sat. see details below

I and two others have already booked the taca flight on the 12th on

using Mobissimo search engine, I found a 11 am flight leaving lax on sat. the 12th arriving guayquil at midnight. returning at 5:30 am sunday the 27th, 12:30 pm lax. Taca airlines. see link: if price is an issue, there is a $620 flight leaving friday the day before (at 5 am!)and the return on sunday has a 10 hour layover in panama city (which is not bad if you want to visit that city)..... either way I am game and open to suggestion :) though personally I would opt for the saturday departure (there is also a flight leaving at 1 am saturday arriving 5 pm guayquil for $874). let me know soon as these fllights will fill quick! :)