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Camping, Hiking, & Fall Colors @ Eastern Sierra or Utah?
Hi. Another group member wants to go camping next weekend, possibly in Mammoth / Eastern Sierra or Utah, for seeing fall colors. Some areas might be "past peak" but some other regions (different elevations), might be colorful. If anyone is interested in going, feel free to communicate and coordinate with her. She is available to go on Friday or even Thursday night. If driving 5 - 6 hours on Friday is too much, consider going partially on Thursday night. If going up to Mammoth / Eastern Sierra, one suggestion is to go to Alabama Hills or Red Rock Canyon State Park. My guess is it shouldn't be too cold at either of those locations (but please check to confirm). If going to Utah, one suggestion is to find a cheap hotel in Vegas, and then drive the rest of the way on Friday morning. __________________________________ So if anyone is interested and available to go next weekend, contact Meream and discuss details such as where to go, and if camping, which campground to reserve (please make sure it'll be open because some campgrounds are closed in October), carpooling, and other logistics. __________________________________ If going to Utah, Dixie National Forest is one possible destination. I drove by in late September a few years ago, and I don't know if mid-to-late October is still a good time to go or not. Consider checking Google, Facebook, and Instagram for current places in Utah that have colorful leaves. A few examples of when I went in late September are at the bottom of If going to Mammoth / Eastern Sierra, some higher elevation areas might be past peak, but a few places should still be colorful. Updates & photos are available at: __________________________________ Last weekend in Mammoth, evenings were pretty cold. If mentally & physically prepared and equipped, some people should be able to handle the cold weather and stay warm. But if camping is too cold for you, consider sharing a motel, condo, Airbnb, or hostel. __________________________________ The Eastern Sierra is pretty spacious. The map on this 2nd page is worth referring to and should be saved on your phone for easy reference: __________________________________ Photos: Videos: __________________________________ Examples of recommended items to bring: Sleeping bag + pillow Sleeping pad / mat or air mattress Tent (or share with someone who has one) Rain fly, stakes, and guy lines for your tent b/c it might get windy at night Appropriate clothes, socks, & shoes Sweater, jacket, gloves, & beanie hat to stay warm at night Toothbrush, toothpaste, & other hygiene items Lip balm / chapstick Hand sanitizer and baby wipes / wet naps Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat or bandana Earplugs Flashlight / Headlamp Portable chair Cell phone charger cable (car adapter) or portable charger Water (or water filter) Water bottles or hydration pack Food (and cookware) Towel, soap, & shampoo Music More comprehensive list - __________________________________ Photo Source/Credit: Los Angeles Times & Jeff Simpson __________________________________ More links related to fall colors - ___________________________________ Other links: ___________________________________

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