Camping & Hiking @ Malibu & Santa Monica Mountains

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Santa Monica Mountains

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area · Malibu, CA

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Sorry, space is limited. Please read Google Doc and message me with answers to the questions. My apologies if room is not available for everyone. Campsite address/location & other details will be sent to those who confirm and pay.

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This trip was initially scheduled for Friday - Sunday, but now starts on Saturday due to a change in campground.

The original campground I reserved is closed due to damage caused by last year's Woolsey Fire.

I don't want to cancel this trip, so I still plan on going, but staying at another campground.

However, the change to this smaller campsite means less people can go (compared to the other, larger campground).

If anyone really wants to attend, the following Google Doc has more info/details and instructions.


I don't anticipate the other campground re-opening by April, but if it does, then this can revert to the original plan of Friday - Sunday with a larger capacity for more people to attend.

But for now, we'll proceed with this back-up plan of the alternative campsite for a few attendees.



If anyone spends several hours indoors/inside, or in front of a computer, tv, phone, etc., then how about taking a break and going outside for a weekend?

If anyone is new to camping, this would be good for a first camping trip.

Various hikes nearby are easy or moderate level.

Spring weather is nice for camping — not hot during the day or cold at night.

The beaches in Malibu are pristine.

The campground and some hiking trails are dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and adult-friendly.

It's not too far.

2 hours from OC -

1 - 1.5 hours from LA -


Last year it rained on Friday, so hopefully this year is better.



Q: Whatever your question is...

A: Please read this Google Doc first -

Thank you.




Two years ago, some people hiked to Escondido Falls for a waterfall.

Others went hiking at Malibu Creek State Park.

A few went to a beach.

A few (such as myself) went looking for flowers. haha

If anyone wants to go wine tasting in Malibu, that's another option.

Last year, we hiked the Sandstone Peak / Mishe Mokwa trail.

See the next section for more ideas.


Note: some trails & state parks might still be closed due to fire damage -


Malibu Creek State Park

Paramount Ranch

Solstice Canyon

Point Dume

Zuma Beach

Escondido Falls

El Matador State Beach

Arroyo Sequit

Charmlee Wilderness Park

Leo Carrillo State Park

Circle X Ranch

Point Mugu State Park


More points of interest -






If anyone wants to bring a dog, that should be fine, but please let us know just in case someone has allergies or something.

The campground allows dogs.

I could be wrong. From what I remember, some nearby state parks and beaches prohibit dogs.

However, some hiking trails do allow dogs.

I remember seeing dogs on the Sandstone Peak / Mishe Mokwa trail.


Photo Source/Credit: National Park Service & Living Malibu