Road Trip? Utah or Northern California + Oregon? [Flexible]

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Since the weather in Northern California and Oregon is inclement, I'm leaning toward going to Utah.

The weather in late May looks like it'll be warm, and heat up in June.

Things changed for me, and therefore I might start this road trip around May 25 because I have to be back around May 31.

If June is better for any of you, feel free to lmk if you want to plan something, and maybe other members will join you.

If anyone is interested/available to go to Utah, feel free to email me directly to discuss & coordinate.



I'm thinking of doing a road trip in late May and/or early June.


One idea is to visit places in Utah such as:


• Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

• Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

• Arches National Park

• Canyonlands National Park

• Dead Horse Point State Park

• Capitol Reef National Park



One concern is the weather might be warm/hot.


I personally have gone to Zion and Bryce Canyon before, so I don't plan on going, but if anyone else really wants to go, stopping by might be possible if time permits.

Also, if anyone wants to go to Page, AZ to see Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon, that might be possible.


Another idea is after our Memorial Day weekend trip to Mammoth, to continue going up to Northern California and Oregon to visit places such as:


• Lake Tahoe

• Lassen Volcanic National Park

• McArthur-Burney Falls

• Crater Lake National Park

• Waterfalls @ Umpqua National Forest



One concern is snow. For example, apparently Crater Lake National Park sometimes has closed roads and/or hiking trails due to snow in late May and June...

...but if the waterfall trails are accessible at McArthur-Burney and Umpqua, then I'm still open to going.


This is currently a tentative idea.

I might travel to Hong Kong around this time, but if not, I'm thinking about a road trip for 4 - 7 days to either Utah or Northern California & Oregon.

Start and end date can be flexible (late May or early June).

If anyone else has any of these places on their bucket list, feel free to lmk if you want to go, (including dates), and we can discuss & coordinate logistics.

My initial idea is to camp / boondock in the various areas.

If anyone wants to drive themselves, that's totally fine. That obviously gives you flexibility and freedom to arrive/leave whenever and go wherever you want.


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