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Hi everyone,

Not long ago, February and March were cold and rainy months, but now that April is warming up, who else is thinking about summer?

Yeah, it's still spring, but if anyone is starting to make summer plans, our upcoming group trips are:


May 24 - 27 - Memorial Day weekend @ Mammoth -

July 5 - 7 - The weekend after Independence Day @ Big Pine Lakes -

Aug 31 - Sept 2 - Labor Day weekend @ Sedona, Arizona -



July 26 - 28 @ Eastern Sierra

Aug 16 - 18 @ Mammoth

Sept 13 - 15 @ Eastern Sierra


Dog owners:

Two group members (last weekend and last month) couldn't bring their dogs because state and national parks prohibit dogs on hiking trails, but Eastern Sierra and Sedona are more dog-friendly, so if anyone has an active dog, feel free to join one of our summer trips.

Examples of dog-friendly hikes -


New, first-timers, and beginner campers:

A few group members have told me they are new or inexperienced with camping.

Well, our trips are intended to be easy and welcoming to anyone and if anyone has never camped before or is nervous, you have months to prepare and get ready. :)



If airfare and hotels are expensive, or if Disneyland is over-priced and crowded, then instead of a costly summer vacation, consider the frugal alternative of one of our trips. :)


Some group members have asked me about Yosemite.

I went last year, so I'm not planning on going this year...but if any of you want to plan your own group trip, that's totally cool.

This year's waterfalls should be amazing, and multiple people have expressed interest in going, so hopefully someone is willing to take the lead in planning / hosting / organizing.


If anyone has a lot of time off (vacation time, retired, teacher with summers off, etc.), I'm thinking of doing a road trip in late May or early June.


If anyone wants to plan a hike, day-trip, camping/backpacking trip, or another group get-together, feel free to lmk.


Photo Source/Credit: TShirtVortex