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Needs a location



This is different from other typical events posted in this group.

Recently and during the past few years, some group members have told me they want to meet new people and make new friends.

Last week, one person wrote to me about his personal situation.

Based on what he wrote, my conjecture is he is gay...and I thought maybe some group members (who are part of the LGBTQ community) might enjoy meeting and doing stuff together.

One idea is to attend a Pride festival / parade.

But if anyone wants to plan a get-together for something else, such as for volunteering, hiking, lunch/dinner, movie, or something or some place else, feel free to lmk if you want to host a group event, and we can add it to the group calendar.



I'm heterosexual and was raised with old-school Christian beliefs, but I try to be respectful, open-minded, accepting, and loving of everyone.

Totally understandable some might be homophobic, conservative, religious, etc... and may disagree or be offended by this posting.

People have complained and criticized me for posting Women's Marches, so some might be bothered and leave this group, which is fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, values, and prerogative.

Suum cuique pulchrum est

Omnia vincit amor


Long Beach - May 19 - 20 -

Santa Monica - June -

LA - June 8 - 9 -

OC - June 22 -

Ventura - August 17 -

Pasadena - October 12 -

Laguna -


So if anyone wants to attend this or another event, post in the comments section or email me, and we'll figure out a way to invite other group members to join you and coordinate where/when you can meet each other.


Long Beach


Festival appears to be Sat and Sun.

Parade appears to be on Sun.


Tickets -


"Parade steps-off is at 10:30am on Ocean and Lindero Ave."

"Parade proceeds west along Ocean Blvd to conclude at Alamitos Blvd near the Festival grounds."

"Parade volunteers are always welcome, and are asked to report to the Volunteer Check-In at Ocean Blvd and Colorado Ave."

"Volunteers who work a minimum of 4 hours for LBLGP may request free entrance into the festival."

To volunteer, contact them for more info/details -


Three entrances to the festival:

- Main Gate (Shoreline Drive, south of Ocean Blvd)

- Pine Gate (Shoreline Drive and Shoreline Village)

- Linden Gate (Convention Center parking lot)


Parking is available near Rainbow Lagoon Park, Shoreline Village, Shoreline Aquatic Park, Aquarium of the Pacific, LB Convention Center, etc.



In 2015, this news story appeared:

This might be a taboo, awkward, and uncomfortable subject. I never heard of (or learned about) gender dysphoria before.

It's unfortunate some kids (and adults) are taunted, shunned, bullied, condemned, ostracized, discriminated against, and susceptible to high rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, beliefs, feelings about LGBTQ, gay marriage, equal rights, etc.

Some of my religious friends would not like nor approve of posting these parades/festivals, but this group is intended to be open-minded, inclusive, and loving.

Anyhow, despite any differences, hopefully we all can live in harmony and choose love, happiness, acceptance, compassion, peace, and respect instead of hate, judgment, closed-mindedness, ignorance, divisiveness, and violence.


Lastly, if anyone wants more info or wants to volunteer throughout the year, consider:

The Los Angeles LGBT Center -

The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach -

The LGBT Center OC -

The Trevor Project -

Gay for Good LA Chapter -

Gay for Good OC & LB Chapter -


Photo Source/Credit: Onlineevents