What we're about

Do you long for more meaningful conversations?

In this group, we'll skirt the trivial small talk and dive into deep conversations. Together, we'll explore ideas that are thought-provoking and challenging.

Each meeting will have a central topic. I'll send out some questions to think about ahead of time as well as a bit of suggested (and entirely optional) reading material. In each meeting, I'll start us out with a few questions to get us going and then we'll see where the conversation takes us!

There is no right or wrong. You don't need to be well-read or know much about a topic beforehand. All that's needed is an active sense of curiosity and an open mind.

A few ground rules:

• This isn't a debate. We're not here to convince one another of a particular viewpoint. All viewpoints and opinions will be listened to and respected.

• Talk as much or as little as you want. If you're shy, please don't let that stop you from coming.

• Please help try to give everyone the chance to speak and participate. Take care not to dominate the conversation, speak over, or interrupt others.

• Please be respectful to others. There should be no name-calling or harassment.

• Please be sensitive to difficult topics, like politics and religion. While we want to broach the 'deeper subjects,' some topics are more challenging than others. My goal is that conversations are warm, amicable, and constructive. In some cases, if this is not the case, it may make sense to move on from a topic.

• If you encounter a situation where you feel that another participant was disrespectful to you, please let me know.

Topics & New Member Survey:

See past events for an idea of the types of topics we discuss. One of the ways I select topics is through your input. To help me better tailor the group and our meetings to everyone's interests, it would be great if new members could take this quick survey:


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