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The OKC Reiki Energy Circle meets in Oklahoma City four times each month (five times a month in March, June, August, and November) with a local group of Reiki energy healers and anyone interested in experiencing and learning more about Reiki, essential oils, crystals, other energy work, and other healing modalities. These meetings are for energy working practitioners, novices, and those who are looking for receiving/giving an energy healing experience. Please look at the calendar (under "Meetups") for all our monthly meetings.

The Sat. meeting at 11:00 am is exciting because this meeting combines meditation and Reiki. If you wish to have a prayer treatment, the participating prayer practitioners and contact numbers have been posted on our bulletin board - just outside the Healing Room. Come to the meeting and experience more.

Anyone interested in a Reiki circle in Norman should contact Roy Speakes: 405.596.0253. Roy will not be able to resume the Norman Circle until after the end of April, but is looking for a new place to host the Norman circle.

If you are interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner, there are suggested readings (under MORE/FILES) "Questions to ask a Reiki Master" is one of the articles. You will be able to meet teaching Reiki Masters at every meeting.

There is a Stillwater Reiki Energy group and they meet the 1st Sunday of every month at 3:00 pm. Their old url is www.stillwaterreiki.com, but has not yet been renewed. Write an email to rebeccasmoonflowers@gmail.com for more information.

There is a website for a Reiki Circle in Tulsa - www.reikira.com - Ruth Ann Kelley - 918-254-8645.

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