OM Chanting @ Unity on the Ave


Location image of event venue


Come one come all!

OM Chanting is a powerful group meditation that has been known to lift the spirits of those who participate and gives everyone a feeling of connection. A couple years ago, I learned about this technique while traveling to an Ashram in a little German village run by the Yogi Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda (

To get an idea, click the link below and scroll down a little bit to the audio recording of a previous session.

Anyone is welcome to come and enjoy this peaceful soundscape.

We will arrange ourselves into an inner and an outer circle while continuously chanting OOOooooooommmmmmm..... from the solar plexus at our own pace. This will continue for 45 minutes including a couple of transitions to ensure that everyone gets a chance to sit in the center. I know that may sound like a long time but many people find that it goes by faster than normal :)

We will meet in the main room of this Unity Church. I will arrive early to have all of the chairs set up.

You may want to bring water and avoid wearing really tight clothes as we'll be sitting for about 45 minutes.

Hope to see you there and feel free to message me if you have any questions.