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OMGTech!s meetups bring together the talented and enthusiastic people who support us in our mission of giving every kid in NZ access to the technologies that will shape their futures. The meet ups are our place where we plan activities, create new content, and work on making OMGTech! the most awesome organisation it can be.

Join us and become part of a group of people making positive change in the NZ STEM landscape.

Come meet tons of other like minded individuals; get involved in projects; connect with educators, tech specialists, scientists, designers, futurists and more.

OMGTech!s wider mission? - We demystify and build confidence in future technologies and STEM for all NZ kids, parents, and teachers. We actively encourage all Kiwis to understand how STEM will be part of their futures. We are particularly focused on those people not currently engaged in STEM, particularly girls and our high deprivation communities.

If you think you have something to add to building this organisation come along!

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OMGTech! Hackathon & Muck in Weekend


OMGTech! project, content, and events monthly Meetup

Enspiral Dev Academy

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