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Many grew up learning and practicing the blind ideology of halal and haram ruling. Most ideas are still practiced or enforced in some places. At times the main farad would be neglected while focused on weak sunnah. There are so many issues involving diets, relationships, socializing, dressing and others which pushes some to deviate from faith. The biggest concern now a days is with the lgbtq... community and those who've integrated in the new world era.

OMMAHTI means oh my community. The Prophet(sw) was sent to All Human Types, not to force but preach the message of worshiping the All-Mighty with understanding. After the shahada, the rest 4 pillars are to be exercised according to one's physical, mental and/or financial ability. Salat can be perform in any condition deemed comfort by standing, sitting, sleeping and by movements limitation. One thought is that the prayers are direct connection to God who created and sees all so why would performing in any natural form whether being clothed or in mix congregation matter?

There are so many questions and issues we can discuss their authenticity with open minds. We'll have Friday congregations as well which requires 3 participants but more the merrier so come join us without fear of exposing to anyone outside this private group. We'll have utmost respect for all without judgement. We do request you at least have your your picture and interests visible so we'd feel comfortable.

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