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~If you'd like to connect with like-minded people

~If you're looking to immerse in diversity and challenge your views

~If you'd like to connect with others on a deeper and more intimate level

~If you're searching for FUN and ELECTRIC experience with other people

~If you're looking to deepen your relationship(s)

~If you're looking for immense vitality, coming from pure love, freedom and creativity

~If you're looking for joy and love in your life

~If simple things in life matter to you

~If thoughtful, caring relationships and connections are what you want to find

You came to the right place!

Orgasmic Mindfulness of Westchester is a group of open-minded and fun people who gather together to have honest conversations about Diversity, Relationship, Sex, and Intimacy. It's a comfortable environment where you get to have slightly uncomfortable conversations. It's exciting, energizing, and playful! Our MeetUp events are designed to give you a sense of what's possible in a realm of human connection and increase your potential for relationships with others. You can participate at whatever level feels good to you. We're excited to meet you!

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Yoga and Meditation

Online event

Half hour yoga and half hour meditation. Dress for yoga. If you have a mat please have it ready. Please join our zoom meeting. https://zoom.us/j/6054741608 Password:[masked]

Turn Your Fear Into Fuel Summit

Online event


Are you a Female Entrepreneur who wants to overcome a fear of failure? Are you struggling with a fear of failure and don't know how to use your emotions to fuel your actions and to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you? Then I've got a great virtual live interactive summit for you! https://summit.growthmindsetforme.com This virtual live interactive summit will help you overcome the fear of failure AND gain the inner certainty which will help you to conquer self-doubt and make fast and right decisions. It's called "Turn Your Fear Into Fuel" Summit. If you're serious about how to use your inner strength and femininity to excel in your business as well as in your personal life, click here right now: https://summit.growthmindsetforme.com Are you a female entrepreneur who wants to navigate through the crisis with dignity, success and empowerment and who needs to be a successful entrepreneur, caring mother, loving partner and a home keeper but can't figure out how to have it all without burning out.? Are you struggling with fear of failure and self-doubt and you feel like if you let the fear of failure and self-doubt kick in, you will feel like everyone is judging you, you are not good enough, people do not want to buy any services or goods from you, your household is a mess and your relationship misses passion? If you let the fear dominate your life, you will lose focus and control and you will be just reacting to whatever is coming instead of taking the initiative and win it all... I've got a solution for you. It's a brand new virtual live interactive summit called "Turn Your Fear Into Fuel"! https://summit.growthmindsetforme.com Among other things, it helps you with how to use your inner strength and femininity to excel in your business as well as in your personal life.

TurnOn Communication Games

23 Wilson

• What we'll do Why Communication Games? To lead a mindful orgasmic life. To lead a life of vitality, excitement, passion, enjoyment, and joy. That's what being orgasm is all about. At Communication Games we play 3 communication games and you can play at whatever level feels comfortable to you. You don't have to do anything you don't want to, or answer any questions you don't want to answer. We do have fun. Come meet people you've known around Westchester for months, maybe years, and really get to see each other in a different light. Meet new people you maybe never would have crossed paths with before and find what you really have in common. It's a refreshing change from small talk or bar conversation. You get the opportunity to examine yourself, through other people putting quality attention on you, asking questions with genuine curiosity, and then listening – really listening – to your responses. What comes up might surprise you! At the end of the evening we will tell you all about how you can learn the practice of Orgasmic Mindfulness. What training you can take and what we have to offer so you can have the life that you want. It's amazing how connected we can end up feeling - even in a room full of strangers - when we are willing to say what's real. Orgasmic Mindfulness of Westchester is an organization that practices Orgasmic Mindfullness, . The games we play at Communication Games are designed to create the visceral sensation of Orgasmic Mindfulness in your body, without having to actually do the practice (or remove any clothing!). It's a friendly invitation to play and push your edges in a way that feels good. This allows you to stretch yourself and inspires self-discovery! We start on time so please arrive fifteen minutes early. . Suggested donation $10.00 • What to bring - yourself and perhaps a friend

Yoga and Meditation

23 Wilson

Half hour yoga and half hour meditation. Dress for yoga. Suggested donation $10. Mats provided. Meet the Orgasmic Mindfulness of Westchester members.

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How to Make Better Connections

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