For more info visit: http://www.omtoronto.com/mindfulness-through-your-senses.html You're invited to join us through first guided meditation where you will then experience mindfulness through your senses. It is a one hour experience for expectant women and their partners journeying to through the senses which is allows you to have a more grounded experience in your body which is need to surrender to the birthing experience with presence. Having a birth experience with presence allows you to birth in a conscious way which deepens the memories into motherhood.

  • Soul Parent Spiritual Child



  • Medical Chi Gong & Tai Chi Qi Gong OPEN HOUSE


    For More info visit: http://www.omtoronto.com/medical-chi-gong-open-house.html Open House on Medical Chi Gong & Tai Chi Qi Gong 6pm - 7:30pm • Display Tables • Chi Gong & Tai Chi Practice • Chi Healing Demonstration 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm Keynote Speakers: • Master Teresa Yeung will speak and demonstrate the healing power of Chi Gong and how you can integrate it into your lifestyle. • Jacqueline Chan, daughter of Master Teresa also MA in psychology teaching Chi Gong at SickKids will share her personal experiences on Chi Gong. Chi Gong helps • heal your physical ailments and autoimmune problems • enhance your yoga and energy healing practices • release difficult traumatic emotions • increase your self love and confidence • can help you become more psychic • can increase your intuition • add Chi Gong to your holistic practice • build a part-time or full time income 8:30pm - 9pm Questions and Answers






    For more info visit http://www.omtoronto.com/co-working.html Pop-Up co-working hours at OM Toronto to Boost Creativity, Productivity and Work Quality! Tired of huddling over your keyboard alone and trying to motivate yourself to get sh*t done? Quick bursts of dedicated time increases your productivity, as well as the quality of work being produced. Join in for 3 Hours of Co-Working and Consciously Apply yourself for abundant results. You'll enjoy: • High Speed Internet • Large Windows & Natural Light in Every Room • Water & Tea provided • Networking Opportunities Additional Services: • Private offices available for meeting with clients • Large Studio available for group & team meetings * Pre-book offices and studio by contacting Wendy at Upcoming Dates for Co-Work (1pm - 4pm) and Monthly Mastermind (10am-1pm): • April 1st • May 6th • June 3rd • Aug 19th • Sept 9th • Oct 7th • Nov 4th • Dec 2nd



    Ready to attend? Purchase your ticket by visiting: http://www.omtoronto.com/mastermind-group.html Fast Track through the learning curve of business, by learning from those who have gone before you and are currently modeling success. Share new ideas and perspectives, to infuse your business with new inspiration and practical tools for business growth and success. Join together each month with Fellow Entrepreneurs and a Monthly Mentor & Coach to guide you, as you • Clarify your Vision • Set Achievable & Realistic Goals for Success • Mastermind Client Resourcing & Outreach Opportunities • Connect with an Accountability Partner to Reach your Benchmarks • Network with successful Entrepreneurs • Share your Accomplishments and Goal Wins *Attend the Complementary Co-Working Hours from 1pm - 4pm, when you sign up Monthly Mastermind Group Dates for Monthly Mastermind (10am - 1pm) & Co-Working (1pm - 4pm): • April 1st • May 6th • June 3rd • Aug 19th • Sept 9th • Oct 7th • Nov 4th • Dec 2nd

  • Devine Mother: A Sacred Women's Circle

    Needs a location


  • Restorative Power Hour



  • TONIGHT: Psychic Development Circle


    YOU can do this! Whether you have years of experience or it is your first time tuning into your inner guidance system, you will be interpreting and delivering messages by the end of the session! With a short meditation, development exercises, and great support, we will practice doing messages in partners and in the circle. There is no need to fear starting out or "getting it wrong," this is the place to learn and grow! I always say, "The messages we receive are always right, it's our interpretation that can be off," and that is where practice with the group comes in! Learn how to push through your fears to develop clear and meaningful messages by the end of the session! All levels of experience are welcome and this group caters to beginners! http://www.omtoronto.com/development-circle-.html

  • Monday Meditation and Group Healing


    Free Parking in the School Yard across the street! Let Go of tension, stress, and anxiety as Larissa expertly guides you through breath work exercises to oxygenate the blood and deep relaxation techniques to allow for full body restoration and emotional resilience. Guided Meditation is a powerful tool for healing, achieving your goals, and coming together in a group experience to support you as you move into a state of deep awareness, creating your desire and experiencing the benefits of deep meditative rest. Arrive Early: The office will be open at 6:45pm, so please arrive between 6:45pm - 6:55pm to allow yourself time to get settled and comfortable. Start Time: 7:00pm What will we do? Whether this is your first time trying meditation or you have a daily practice, this group is designed to help you relax the body, focus the mind, and reach deep states of healing to help you navigate life. Evening Structure: Breath Work (5-10 minutes) Guided Meditation to relax the body and focus the mind (Approx 15 - 30 min) Meditation in silence with music in the background & Distance Healing (Approx 15 - 20 min) Clearing takes place either before or during the meditation and takes the form of distance healing End of Meditation 8:00pm Optional Discussion 8:00pm - 8:20pm Meditation will end at 8:00pm to allow those who wish to pack up and head home for a great rest time to do so. Those who are interested in staying a little longer are invited to take part in a group discussion until 8:20pm. What should I bring? Chairs, Water, Blankets & Pillows are provided. You are invited to bring anything along that makes your meditation more comfortable – crystals, beads, a favorite pair of slippers etc. If you decide to sit on the floor instead of in a chair, we have many pillows and throws to make you more comfortable. http://www.omtoronto.com/monday-meditation--stress-less.html