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Denver, CO

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Sep 7, 2016

What's your role in the digital news industry? Tell us a bit about what you do.

I currently serve as event coordinator for ONA Rocky Mountain. I manage the digital start-up Empowering Colorado and have extensive experience managing television newsrooms and serving as Principal of ViewMARK Communications -- a public relations consultancy.

What are you interested in getting from your participation in ONA Local? Networking? Job searching or recruiting? Training? (Tell us what type of training, if so!) Something else?

I love engaging with thoughtful journalists who embrace the exciting new digital tools and techniques that further the mission of journalism.

Brag a little: Tell us about something you've worked on recently that you're proud of.

I get the opportunity to engage with some of the leading journalists, academics, publishers, investors and thought leaders who are shaping journalism and ensuring its future and relevance in our democracy.