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BHAKTI SHAKTI: Kirtan Celebration with Acharya PremShakti

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Price: $15.00 /per person
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BHAKTI SHAKTI: Kirtan Celebration with Acharya PremShakti

(includes trance dancing and gentle percussion/drumming)


(2012: Nov 9th, Dec 7th. 2013: Jan 11th, Feb 8th, Mar 8th, Apr 12th, May 10th, Jun 7th, Jul 12th, Aug 9th, Sep 13th, Oct 11th, Nov 8th, Dec 13th - please mark your calendar!)


An enchanting evening in the 'Shiva/Shakti Temple' -

a night of ecstatic devotional music, trance dance, mystic poetry, spiritual knowledge, expansion, and satsang with conscious friends.

"It's heart-opening, nourishing, and oh so blissful..."

• Relax your body

• Enchant your mind

• Delight your heart

• Dissolve your ego

Everyone - on any spiritual path - or just curious - is lovingly invited!

Hosted by Acharya PremShakti and Dr. Michael Dean Goodman - PremYoga Center Co-Directors

$15 per person (or trade for all or part by helping at Center events)


(1) SATSANG/KIRTAN WARM-UP (7:30-8:00pm)

• Great spiritual conversation in the company of other conscious people

(2) KIRTAN (8:00-10:00pm)

• Acharya PremShakti - vocals and harmonium, dancing, spiritual poetry readings

• Dr. Michael Dean Goodman - spiritual commentaries and readings, vocal accompaniments, percussion

• Friends and Guest Artists - vocals, sitar, tabla, flute, guitar, didgeradoo, singing bowls... (Please let us know if you'd like to play)

OPENING RITUAL (starts promptly at 8pm)

• Purification ceremony - to create our sacred space

• Group toning to create connection and expansion, and warm us up (no singing ability necessary)

• Brief explanation of kirtan, the significance of Sanskrit, and the 3 fundamental laws of nature that we enliven when we chant


• Call-and-response chanting - respond, harmonize, or just enjoy and meditate on the sounds

• Gently play along on musical or rhythm instruments (bring your own or use ours)

• Experience this beautiful, ancient method to bypass the thinking brain and directly awaken the heart

• Enliven fundamental laws of nature by consciously vibrating their names

• Enjoy a special treat: brief but profound explanations of the deeper meanings of the chants


• It's hard to sit still when the enchanting rhythms begin!

• You can trance dance, bellydance, free-form dance, etc...

• Let your heart and your body have their way!

POETRY FROM THE MYSTICS and MASTERS (ancient and modern)

• Enjoy the wisdom and devotion of Kabir, Hafiz, Rumi, Swami Kripalu, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Lao Tzu, Leonard Cohen, Maryann Williamson, etc.


• An opportunity to notice, reflect on, and share what the evening has brought you

• Plus feedback and spiritual inspiration from PremShakti and Michael


The PremYoga Center

4855 Belvedere Rd., Haverhill (West Palm Beach), FL 33415

Just west of the Palm Beach Airport

2 blocks west of Military Tr.

On the NE corner of Belvedere and Park Ln.

The PremYoga Center is built onto the side of our home



1. Exit at Belvedere Rd.

2. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left onto Belvedere Rd. westbound

3. Pass the airport on the left, round the big 'S' curve

4. Pass Military Trail (stoplight, 7-11, Walgreens, KFC)

5. At the 2nd street past Military Tr. (Park Ln.) turn right - 1 block before Haverhill

6. Our house is on the NE corner of Belvedere Rd. and Park Ln. ('4855' on the mailbox).

7. Turn right into our driveway, and then pull off the driveway onto the grass to park

8. The PremYoga Center is built onto the side of our house


1. Exit at Southern Blvd.

2. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left onto Southern Blvd. eastbound

3. Go about 2 miles and exit at Military Tr.

4. Turn left/north on Military Tr. and go 1 mile

5. Turn left/west onto Belvedere Rd. (stoplight, 7-11, Walgreens, KFC)

6. At the 2nd street past Military Tr. (Park Ln.) turn right - 1 block before Haverhill

7. Our house is on the NE corner of Belvedere Rd. and Park Ln. ('4855' on the mailbox).

8. Turn right into our driveway, and then pull off the driveway onto the grass to park

9. The PremYoga Center is built onto the side of our house


1. Exit at Okeechobee Blvd.

2. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left onto Okeechobee Blvd. eastbound

3. Go about 2 miles and turn right/south on Military Tr.

4. Go 1 mile and turn right/west onto Belvedere Rd. (stoplight, 7-11, Walgreens, KFC)

5. At the 2nd street past Military Tr. (Park Ln.) turn right - 1 block before Haverhill

6. Our house is on the NE corner of Belvedere Rd. and Park Ln. ('4855' on the mailbox).

7. Turn right into our driveway, and then pull off the driveway onto the grass to park

8. The PremYoga Center is built onto the side of our house


• Park in our front yard (on the grass).

- Please park compactly so that we can maximize the parking.

- If you'll be staying till the end, please pull far forward on the grass so that others can park behind you.

- If you'll be leaving early, please park behind someone else who's staying later.

• Please don't park on our concrete driveway - that makes it impossible for people to get in and out.

• Please don't park on our street (Park Ln.) - it's too narrow, nor in the private community (Briarwood) across the street.



• Dr. Michael Dean Goodman:[masked] (voice or text), [masked], or message me on Facebook

• Acharya PremShakti:[masked] (voice or text), [masked], or message me on Facebook

• PremYoga Center:[masked] (voice or text), [masked], (

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Dedicated to BHAKTI SHAKTI: Kirtan with Acharya PremShakti; held on the Friday before the 2nd Saturday of each month, at the PremYoga Center, just west of the Palm Beach Airport


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Dedicated to CELEBRATE LIFE: Bonfire Drum Circle and Fabulous (Potlock) Party; held on the 2nd Saturday of each month, just west of the Palm Beach Airport; attended by 150 people


"Her voice and devotion will light up your life."

PremShakti has committed her life to spiritual practice and teaching.

PremShakti helped found the famous Kripalu Yoga Center in the Berkshires near Stockbridge MA, the world's largest yoga teaching center, where she lived for over 20 years as a renunciate and devoted student of Swami Kripalu, a kundalini yoga master, as well as in India. In 1992 she was awarded the honored title ‘Acharya’ (spiritual teacher) by Kripalu, traveled the world for years as their ambassador (leading kirtans, teaching yoga, and serving many people through her life coaching and living example of bhakti), and now serves as a visiting Senior Faculty Member.

PremShakti has made her home in West Palm Beach, Florida, since 1995, where she founded the PremYoga Center, one of the oldest yoga centers in south Florida.

PremShakti is internationally renowned as a master 'teacher of teachers', having trained hundreds of yoga teachers from all over the world, and 20% of all the yoga teachers in SE Florida. She conducts professional Yoga Teacher Training programs (200- and 500-hour) in south Florida, at the Kripalu Center, and soon at a beautiful tropical retreat center.

PremShakti offers beautiful, deep yoga and pranayama classes for individuals (and in business and government settings). She offers yoga teacher mentoring, Body-Mind Yoga Therapy, Life Coaching for Enlightened Living, seminars, Self-inquiry satsangs, Awakening Intensives, and spiritual vacations and adventures.

PremShakti has been fascinated with music all her life:

• She grew up in a musical family - singing and playing piano as a child.

• She studied musical performance and composition at Cornell College and The University of Iowa.

• She toured Europe with a choral group.

• Since 1975 she has led kirtans all over the world.

• She's often invited to chant for large spiritual conferences and celebrations, both in south Florida and internationally.


Michael spent years in devotion in the ashram of one of the world's greatest Indian yogic/tantric masters, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who initiated him, trained him, awakened him, and eventually sent him out to share this profound knowledge.

Michael - as a spiritual guide, speaker/educator, workshop leader, and author of books and articles - has taught thousands of people. He's conducted hundreds of satsangs - sharing awakening, helping people rediscover their real nature as the infinite, unbounded Self. He's led workshops around the world, conducted programs for Fortune 500 companies, and taught on the faculty of 6 universities and 8 educational foundations.

Michael offers a systematic program for complete awakening:

• Yoga/Meditation for Self-realization: explore infinite silence - Shiva. Dive inward - transcend - wake up and remember who you really are.

• Tantra for God-realization: explore unbounded dynamism - Shakti. Expand outward - unfold your vast, masculine/feminine, God/Goddess nature.

• Vedanta for Unity: integrate yoga and tantra - inner and outer - for wholeness of life (that ocean of wholeness which knows silence and activity to be its two 'shores').

Michael is an initiated teacher of Turiya Meditation (TM), the effortless and profound technique expounded by the great enlightened seer - Maharishi Patanjali - in his Yoga Sutras to naturally bring fulfillment to yoga by releasing constrictions and stresses and quickly establish samadhi as the normal daily reality of life.

Michael leads tantra workshops worldwide, and offers private coaching for individuals and couples, to help them remember how huge, how vast, how divine they are - to integrate their sexuality, love, and spirituality - to create ideal, devoted, spiritual relationship.

Michael is a Ph.D. counselor - and by drawing upon the deepest understandings of behavior/mind/feelings from the Western and Eastern traditions, he created Re-Unification Therapy - offering rapid, solution-oriented work that helps people heal their wounds and remove old programming that's sabotaging their progress - plus helps them end the inner 'war' between their masculine and feminine sides.

Michael has loved to make music since he was 4 years old:

• On piano, drums, vocals, and tamboura he's performed publicly hundreds of times, in front of tens of thousands of people, both live and on TV.

• He's sung the lead in local productions of Broadway musicals.

• He was musical director of a popular improv troupe, performing weekly to a packed house for years.

• He's been invited numerous times to perform professionally alongside well-known local and international musicians.

• He studied gandharva veda (classical Indian) vocal technique and tamboura for years with an Indian master, and was honored to be asked to perform with him in concerts.

• He's led over 100 group kirtans - offering heartfelt chanting, sensitive accompaniment, and deep spiritual commentary.

• He publishes the South Florida Conscious Events Newsletter, reaching 4500 drummers, dancers, yogis, tantricas, spiritual seekers, etc. every month.

• He organizes the Palm Beach County Drumming/Dancing/Flow Arts/Chanting Meetup Group - a community calendar of events serving 850+ members.

• He hosts the 2 oldest, largest, drum circles in Palm Beach County, attracting 150 and 400 people each month.

• He facilitates healing drum circles in business, education, rehab, retirement, and party settings.

• He is honored to serve on the Board of Elders of Drums Across America.

• He's run an audio-video recording studio for a multi-national educational organization in Europe and the U.S., directed live multi-camera recording sessions, and produced audio tracks for recording artists.

• He teaches performance workshops, and does individual consultations, helping people find and unfold their dormant abilities to sing, play music, dance, speak, etc.

• He shares his love affair with partner dancing (ballroom, Latin, swing, Argentine tango) by teaching beginners, organizing and DJing dances, and writing about dancing.

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