Holy S**T - Road Trip To Vegas Summer 2022

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That's right, we are planning a Road Trip to Vegas by Bike and Car, for whoever wants to do it with us or even fly to Vegas and meet us there.

The basic trip plan so far is as follows. Leave here late Thursday June 2nd and just basically get across the border. These dates/locations are all based on 6 – 7 hours a day of riding and are all rough locations. This is taking the Route 66 way there. None of the locations are written in stone, they are all just ballpark and each day will be taken as it happens.

Thursday June 2nd – Leave Evening, Toronto get across the border and into/around Michigan
Friday June 3rd – Ride into/around Springfield, Illinois
Saturday June 4th – Ride into/around Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sunday June 5th – Ride into/around Amarillo, Texas
Monday June 6th – Ride into/around Gallup, New Mexico
Tuesday June 7th – Ride into Las Vegas, Nevada

Leave Vegas on Tuesday June 14th to head home. This gives us 6 days to ride back. The plan for the ride home is to take the Interstate all the way back, so the ride back should take 5 days with a buffer day for weather etc.

This is based on doing roughly 6.5 hours a day of riding. Each day is subject to change depending on how much riding we actually do. This is just to give a rough ball park of what we need to cover.

Points of interest by each State

Casinos along Route 66

Lots around Chicago but nothing really on Route 66

Oklahoma around Tulsa

Plenty of notice on this one. Start saving your money and let's make this the best road trip ever.

Who's in?