Happy New APEX Year

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Hello everybody and first of all the very best for 2015!

2015 … a promising year for APEX. We expect a lot and the community is as active as ever.

Although an overwelming majority of voters in the poll for the next meetup date decided on a different date, we decided to meet again on Monday, February 2nd. (given the fact that there were only 5 voters, I don't think that will be a problem) ;-)

iAdvise suggested to organise this event. Many thanks for this! So we will meet in the iAdvise offices (Cronos Hoofdgebouw -- Veldkant 33a -- 2550 Kontich).

We plan to start at 18:00 for a meetup of approximately 2 hours.

We decided to change the format of last two meetups and we’re not scheduling a main topic.

Via this way we would like to call for people who want to present and discuss solutions they have build or are using in APEX.

A maximum 5 minutes presentation followed by 5 minutes of discussion. And then we move on to the next topic.

If you’re interested to present and/or discuss something, please inform Roeland about it.

A separate timeslot will be reserved for a “Q&A” or an “Ask your peers” or even “Ask the experts in the room” session.

In short:

• 18:00 Welcome

• 18:15 Presentations/Discussions 5 + 5 = 10

• 19:00 Ask your questions or discuss your (APEX) issues

• 19:45 Enjoy some food & drinks

We hope to see many of you in Kontich!