ORG Aberdeen
ORG Aberdeen
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57North Hacklab

Lower Levels, 26 North Silver Street · Aberdeen

How to find us

Access is via Skene Terrace, look for the door with the 57North logo and head downstairs

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We will be meeting at 57North Hacklab to bring together like minded people, discuss digital freedoms and explore the use of cryptographic tools.

Discuss digital rights issues that are in the news. Learn how you can help to protect your rights in a digital world. Bring a smartphone or laptop and browse the web anonymously, learn about these technologies and chat about the reasons we need them.

• "Do average people really need this kind of security? Yes. They may be planning a political campaign, discussing taxes, or having an illicit affair. They may be designing a new product, discussing a marketing strategy, or planning a hostile business takeover. Or they may be living in a country that does not respect the rights of privacy of its citizens. They may be doing something that they feel shouldn't be illegal, but is. For whatever reason, the data and communications are personal, private, and no one else's business." -- Bruce Schneier, Applied Cryptography - Second Edition (

This event is co-organised by ORG Aberdeen and FSFE Aberdeen.